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Have You Ever Wondered How People Are Able to Come Up With Amazingly Great Songs, Time After Time?

Well, luckily for some, you don’t have to be an extremely experienced music composer to be a good song writer, just look at some of the world’s best song writers of today.

Some of the basic questions that you may have to begin with are do I start with an instrument or with the chords or lyrics? Do I have to ponder the idea for days or just pump out a melody? To tell you the truth there is no one correct way to write a song. It really all boils down to you, the song writer, your creativity and understanding of how to communicate emotions throughout your song in an effective and artistic way. No two writers have the exact same methods or techniques available to them. Some write very fast, while others write slowly. A number of others write from a particular emotion perspective, while others may write from a multimedia perspective.

Chances are if you’re sitting here reading this article then you already have an idea of what you want to accomplish. You may have a general idea of what you want to achieve but you need to expand your idea and start thinking about other solutions to attain your goals.

Go Beyond Your Current Concept

You may have a general idea of what you want to achieve but you need to set it aside because you don’t have enough time to write all of your song ideas out right now. When you do have time to write your song ideas it’s usually not enough time to develop each idea so you may end up with a lot of dead space in between ideas. You may also have a lot of ideas that will not be used because they may be too similar to each other.

A great thing to do is to write in a journal so that you can write down your ideas nicely. You can then take those ideas and specific ones that you want to use to write your song and incorporate them into your journal. When you look back at what you have written, you may find that you have a lot of unfinished ideas.

Unfill Your Vision

If you have a vision of being a great song writer, then you need to consistently go beyond your current stage to get to that next level. You will want to create other song ideas and techniques that will help you reach that vision. The more you achieve your goal the more you will be able to fill in the gaps with more details, ideas and inspiration.

Of course the more you achieve your goal, the more you will want to add on to your current ideas so the cycle goes from beginner to more advanced ideas. The more you fill in the gaps, the more powerful ideas you will be able to develop and the quicker you will be able to write the songs that you’ve always wanted to write.

Learn From Other Song writers

I see it all the time. People want to learn from someone who is more advanced than them. They say to me “I want to learn from somebody else who is way better than me. I think I can learn so much from them.” That’s a great goal. I want to see more people achieve their dreams.

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I think it’s very important for you to remember that part of you will always be a beginner. You always want to get better. The only way to do that is to continue to learn from everybody. You will never be able to read a book on music theory or learn every chord reference there is to know. You don’t need to.

Learn From Multimedia

I see a lot of people making the same mistakes. They are not taking advantage of the fact that it’s a whole world that can never be fully understood. You can take music as a whole and absorb it into your world. Videos, movies, TV shows, websites and books are all different venues for music. Use them to the advantage of learning music.

Buy “The Art of Songwriting” by Seth Godin

Get other people’s opinions on it. Go to songwriting competitions and listen to other songwriters. Read about magazines and websites that give songwriting tips and advice.

Keep Learning

I never expected to become a top songwriter overnight. It takes a long time. But I am feeling more comfortable about my skill, confidence and passion. If you also had a secret dream of becoming a top songwriter, I would suggest you also find a good book.

Cheap Acoustic Guitars – Finding Good Cheap Acoustic Guitars

If you’re a beginning guitarist, one of the biggest things you’re going to have to consider is how to get cheap acoustic guitars. The good news is that there are a huge number of options for getting a cheap acoustic guitar. In this article, we’ll take a look at a couple of the most popular ways to get cheap guitars.

One of the most popular ways to get low cost acoustic guitars is to simply look for them online. There are a huge number of websites that have a huge number of products for you to choose from. Because of this, you are very likely to find one of your guitar needs being offered at a very low price. Just be sure you don’t kill your cause of hysteria by only looking at the first five seconds of each website. I’m seriously not advocate sampling all of the guitars available, by any means. But when you’re looking for a specific guitar, you basically have to limit your choices to five possible options.

That being said, you can also look for them in local shops. The first place I would suggest is your local guitar mom’s group. (Whether they invite you or not.) Your local music store is another great place to find cheap acoustic guitars. They usually have many used acoustic guitars that people have refused to throw away. If you’re a little low on cash, you might try your local tablature place, but they tend to be expensive. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t visit that, but if you can’t find anything to suit your needs, you’re just going to waste time.

One other option is the classic of going to the flea market. There are often many used acoustic guitars there that people have thrown away. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find one that is for less than half its price. That’s a good scenario, because you usually stand to benefit from it. If you cannot find one, though, just go to the flea market, look for something that looks good, and look at it long enough. You’re not going to find a good guitar that will meet your needs, even if you’re able to find one that will fit your budget.

That being said, don’t let the fact that they can cost less than $40 make you feel bad. If you can find a good guitar that is pretty much perfect for the type of music you play, it might be more worth the money than a $40 one would be.

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If you don’t have the time to shop on a weekly basis, you can also look on-line. There are thousands of sites that have a large selection of guitars for sale. Keep in mind, you need to make sure that the guitar that you choose fits your personality. Do you have a hard edge? Do you have smooth palm muting? Each guitar is different, so don’t get yourself bent out of shape over styles that you may not particularly care for.

Each one of us who are lucky enough to have a guitar to play has a different reason for buying one. Some people simply like to take a fancy to a particular instrument. Some people are looking for a certain tone. Other people are looking simply because they ‘look good’. Before you fall in love with the colour, and the shape, ask yourself, do I (yourself) like this particular guitar, and will I (yourself) be happy playing it? And that’s all. Go on, and buy your dream guitar now, without (yet) knowing if it’s going to be your next lifelong musical investment. Have fun with it. Get a instruction manual, if you need to, and go to a music store to buy your first chords book, and a guitar tuner. And then, a beginner’s guitar lesson. Go to YouTube, and search for any ( Gordon Shaw – Three Cheers for instance) how-to videos on chords and playing a guitar, or a video of someone playing some other instrument, and listen to the (Chester Burton – Wonder of Wonder, or Floyd College – The entering note; Neil Young – Mr.ROY, or Eddie Vedder – Still Breathing; Joe Satriani – Where Do You Go From Here). Read some reviews, and make sure you get the right type of ones. The two chords (textural) guitar chords for beginners that you should learn first are open ‘major’ chords, such as G and D, and open ‘minor’ chords, such as Em and C.

Hip Hop Mixtapes

Hip hop mixtapes are an important part of the history of this genre. It helped the underground rap community build a sense of identity and connect to a larger audience. As a result, the art form took on a life of its own, allowing users to disregard the dictates of mainstream society. However, many still maintain a mainstream profile, which is why mixtapes are so important. If an artist wants to establish a strong musical identity, he or she should embrace mixtapes, which have continued to serve the genre well into the 21st century.

As the name would suggest, these tapes areixtapes. However, they are not downloaded from the Internet or created using the popular MP3 format. Instead, they are created by a new generation of rap artists who are known as DJs. Over time, the art form garnered the title of “rap mixtapes” for the simple fact that these recordings are unique in most ways. They are made to supplement a DJ’s set, and are made in a unique way to interact with the audience.

As a result, the art form enjoys a special place in the hearts of rap music fans. While the face of hip hop has changed throughout the years, the underground culture has kept the fire burning. These tapes now act as anidentity statement for the artist and provide a platform for future success. The current climate in the music industry offers a unique opportunity for anyone who wishes to take hip hop mixtapesin a new direction. The rap tapes are a perfect example of how the spur of the moment has been the best way to keep the fire burning.

If you are interested in the rap tapesand how they have changed over time, then read on!

In the early years of hip hop, the presentation of the mixtape was very simple. Rappers would individually create a tape to take to the club, which club owners would pay to promote. It was a slow process in terms of development, and club owners were not accustomed to paying for the artists, let alone promoting them.

However, starting in the early 1990s, the art form saw something of a renaissance, and new club owners were willing to give artists promotional space in exchange for a promotional tape. Also, more and more local radio stations began covering rap artists, which made it easier for them to find new, prospective talent.

Beginning in the mid to late 90s, the presentation of the mixtape became much more standard and fluid. Artists would meet with the various producers they’d trust, and formulate a specific idea for the tape that they would want sent to their radio stations and in newspapers. The most successful mixtape concept was the “New York Gangsterime” by rite OutKard. This mixtape, which included a variety of local Detroit artists, would air on WNodies free program.

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After several years of the presentation of these tapes, artists began to formulate the mixtape concept for hip hop. Among the most notable artists performing this concept is the Blind Boys of Alabama. This group of rappers presented a huge portion of local rap music to the regional radio stations in the state. After several years, new artists would begin to incorporate the mixtape–as a presentation of the local rap culture to the outside world.

At the present, one mixtape company utilizing the concept of the mixtape isomedisc. Some Southern rappers like Tre Williams release unique tapes, which receive excellent reviews as well as sell very large amongst fans. In addition, this method has been utilized by many rap stars outside of the sub-divide. artists such asroachlife’s newest mixtapeAll Cured, which was released in late 2006. Tre Williams has been a featured artist on many mixtapes, and his solo mixtape endeavors have been extremely popular. While mixtapes were once a method of giving local rap artists a boost, these tapes are now a semi-famous promotional tool for new and upcoming artists. mixtapes probably will continue to be a major part of the music industry, both as a promotional tool for new and upcoming artists, as well as a way for rap artists from the underground to gaining national attention.

How to Sing High Notes – Taking Your Singing Voice to the Next Level

Ever wonder how professional singers can hit incredibly high notes? It’s not the technique or the strength of their voices. Instead, they have developed what is called a “leading tone.” This is a special quality that allows them to use their voices to accomplish incredibly high notes without a break.

A “leading tone” is actually a special sound in your voice. When you practice singing, you are Usually doing a “mood ballad” with your voice. This means that you are developing a mood character with your voice. Each note you sing builds up a mood that you are developing. When you reach the top of your range, you have reached a maximum volume and a “leading tone” that sets you apart from all of the other singers.

Take a lesson from the professionals. Find a good voice teacher and ask to be part of their instruction class. The teacher will be able to help you with your technique, but they will most likely also give you tips on your “leading tone” and how to sing high notes.

One of the reasons that the professionals can hit incredibly high notes is by using a technique. We will discuss a few details about this technique, but first understand the principle.Tone is the frequency of your vibration. When you do a note, your voice creates this high frequency that causes you to stand out. The great thing about your voice is that it is able to sustain a high frequency for longer periods of time.

When you are prepared to hit an extremely high note, it is important to realize that it is not something that you can hold for an exact amount of time. Your voice will fade back into thin air. It is important that if you are preparing to sing that you do not force your voice.

Singing takes place in three major locations. If you are singing in the shower, you are not able to hear yourself and the acoustics. If you are singing in a performance, you are able to translate the words and the words you are singing into the correct form of the lyrics. This requires a vocal “hook.” A vocal “hook” is a small part of your vocal quality which schedules the resonance of the words you sing.

The first thing you need to ask your voice teacher about teaching you is how to warm up. Your voice is your instrument and it needs to be prepared to hit some really high notes. Before you are ready to hit the stage, you will need to do some relaxation and warm up with some humming loosening up. A great way to warm up your voice is to utilize a trumpet or a really soft harmonica. Create a small tune and allow your voice to harmonize with the melody. This is a great prep for the next step!

When you are ready to go up and sing, you will need to do some vocal exercises. The first being the proper breathing control. Do some tongue twisters as you are inhaling. This will help warm up your vocal chords and teach you to take in air so that you can produce the right sound. These exercises are basic and essential to every time you sing.

Now that you are ready to take the stage, you need to make sure you know the lyrics inside and out. Make sure that you know, in your heart and souls, exactly what you are singing for. If you are unsure, then you may need to concentrate on just the words that you need to hit.

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You may find that everything repeats itself, as you have already sung the song once. When this occurs, it is okay because you have already Familiarized yourself with the story.Regardless of what occurs, remember that you have to be at one with your voice. If you are singing with a harsh voice, then you will have to modify your tone. The same goes for when you need to sing some songs that are fast. Fast songs are hard on your vocal chords. If you find that you are straining your voice, remembering that it is the exercise that will help keep it strong and healthy.

Remember that if you are going to be performing, you will need to be able to hold the right tune for the whole performance. The last thing you need to be afraid of is running out of breath.Waiting for the performance to start is just as important as if you have Run Dry.

DJ Controllers and The Digital DJ – Is It Fair To Call Them MP3 Jockeys?

I walked into Guitar Center last week and noticed that the DJ section is 90% controllers. Within those controllers I noticed two used Technic 1200’s and a pair of Numark Vinyl turntables. I thought to myself, “Is this the future of DJ’ing?” and started thinking about ways on how to make my own custom music.

I have been DJ’ingnow for about five years, and have been very successful at doing so. Although I must admit to once being very bad with my decks (I tend to ‘accidently’ lose decks), and have learned from those mistakes. The main things that I have learned are the controller method, and how to mix with multiple decks simultaneously.

The controller method of DJ’ing is using lots of knobs and sliders on both the mixer and the decks to create effects and dynamics. These decks also have faders (play-backs) which allow you to mix and match your tracks, and even to change the speed of the tracks. The center-panned decks (speed) are useful for scratching, and scratching is one of the main techniques used in DJ’ing.

I have also learned that it is much easier to learn to DJ with 2 decks then with 3 decks, and I have learned that it is much easier to learn to mix with 2 decks then with 3 decks. I have used mostly 2-3-2 mixesMy sets always have scratches, but that isn’t really what I want. My goal is to mix, and to learn how to mix with 2 decks.

So then I went to another club my DJ, and I noticed that there was a lot more 3 and 4 decks than the 2 decks. I talked to the owner and he was interested in trying a pair of 3 decks, and he told me that he makes money offMixing.comwhich is an online mixing service. I told him I’d give it a try.

The next thing I knew, I had booked myself an entire night’s DJ gear, and was down the street at Piano Bar. I quickly rehearsed my 2 decks, and began the mixing process. I completed my set within about 30 minutes, and handed the keys over to the man that was next in line to be a part of DJ’ing. His name was Roger, and he went right into the crowd. Everyone was banging to his beats. Within 5 minutes of his set, people were singing along to “What a Night” by:Brojandro Roxx.

Within the crowded dance floor at Piano Bar, people were dancing shoulder to shoulder with one another. There seemed to be no age limit to the crowd. One of the young ladies pushed up next to me and asked me if I knew how to DJ. I said I didn’t but I thought I could start with her if she would follow my lead. She then pushed me and said she wanted to see “some DJ!” I had to explain that I wasn’t exactly a DJ and that I had never actually dabbled in scratching. She then pushed me and said she wanted to see scratching “real good” and started getting a vibe that she wanted to try DJ. We parted ways as I had no intention of pushing her to DJ, but yet, I also didn’t want to lose her that easily. I wanted to help her see that there could be a different approach to scratching and she seemed to get a hold of what I was talking about.

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Within a week of popping her up, she had booked herself a nights gig at a local bistros, and within a week, she told me that she wanted to keep DJing. We agreed to meet so I could either get a job at a Night club or at a Wedding receptions/confidence builder workshops (which I veganed in addition to DJing).

We met at a club that was a half- hour drive away, and I made her aware of the many benefits that she will be able to take onboard when she goes to DJ at these events whereas, if she were at a friend’s house, she would have to ask his brother to turn all the knobs herself and work out what was wrong with the equipment. Additionally, at a DJ club, she won’t have to worry about getting the spin-outs just because she will be mixing in front of a crowd.

At the wedding, they had a grand total of 50 people in attendance; a blown opportunity to impress a catering company.

A lot of DJ companies tend to view the event as one big party. You know, hundreds of people just hanging out for the right kind of fun. Unfortunately, they forget one very important thing; humans. You need to vary the type of people that you are trying to impress with your DJ skills.

Learn Piano Chords – 3 Huge Mistakes You Are Making and How You Can Avoid Them and Play Chords Now

Learning piano chords can be a daunting experience for a lot of beginning piano players. There are many mistakes that they make and many things they don’t know. If you want to learn piano chords, stop making these mistakes and start using this fabulous knowledge that is waiting for you to explore. Here are three huge mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

Thinking There Is Only One Way to Play a Chord

There are two types of chords that you need to learn. They are diatonic chords and absolute chords. You need to learn both types of chords. They are necessary for playing songs. Yes, songs are based on chords. What you need to do is focus on learning both types of chords.

You Don’t Master the Chord System

You haven’t mastered the chord system. When you first start playing, you’ll probably take the wrong approach. You will probably choose the melody or the bass line and not the chord structure. This is the key to playing real music. You need to know how to play all the different types of chords.

You Can’t Hear the Chords

You can’t hear the music. How is this possible? The left-hand plays the root, fifth, and seventh of the chord. The right-hand plays its third, seventh, and ninth. Sometimes the right-hand will also play the fourth and tenth. What are these? They are the suspended chords. You see, when you pay attention, you’ll notice that some of the chords are missing. You may see two of them missing, or one of them may not even be present. A chord isn’t just played once, it’s played multiple times.

How do you detune a chord? Well, it depends on the scale that you’re playing. A C major scale will have the same tri-tension as a C major chord (also know as a tri-tone). The third, sixth, and seventh notes of a C major chord are what make up this tri-tone. In the case of a C major seventh, you must add additional notes, which are the fifth and ninth notes. What about all the sharps and flats? The number of sharps and flats depends on the scale that you’re playing. For example, the C major scale will have one flat, which is C-E. The C minor scale will have one sharp, which is C-G. The C augmented scale will have two sharps, which are C-E-G and C-F-H. Regardless of which scale you’re using, the same rules apply.

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Now that you know why you need to know chords, you need to find out which chords are typical of a certain style. Do you need to know Find out How to Play the Blues?

It’s pretty simple. Blues music is based on dominant seven chords. What are the 7 dominant chords in a key? Well, they are I (one), IV (four), V (five), at which point you start again with the I chord. Key of C, a dominant chord is a C7. So you basically go back to C and start over from the I. Basically, you play the same notes, but you start on a different note, which is the 7th.

What about the IV chord? Sometimes it’s not necessary to change between chords. Key of C, IV chord is G7. This is sometimes called a ‘Travolta’ chord and is used in such songs as Wild Thing and Stairway to Heaven.

How About the V chord? Key of G, a ‘Power’ chord is a V7. This chord usually doesn’t change between chords, but it gives you that added power and kind of tension that you want.

What about the I chord? Sometimes you may need to play the I chord with the I in the bass simply because it makes some of the bass notes sound higher. This is because when you play a dominant 7 chord, you not only raise the major 3rd, but you also lower the minor 3rd.

When you see a chord named G13, it means that the chord is called a G13 chord. Strum any chord with that chord name and you’ll notice that the sound is E6/E7. That means you’re playing an E dominant chord. Once you get used to playing these chord types, you can easily use them to make any of your songs more interesting.

Have fun with guitar and don’t forget that learning guitar is an lifestyle. Everything you do will reflect on your playing. Everything you play will have its own feel and flavor. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. You won’t learn guitar overnight. Base your decisions on your experience and your musical preferences.

Single or Multi Effect Guitar Pedals – Which Is Best?

If you spend some time on the guitar forums, and review sites such as Ultimate Guitar Learning, you will find that there are mixed opinions regarding the best brands of single or multi effect guitar pedals. The subject is often confuse and there is no clear answer as to which is the best. We will attempt to shed some light on this controversial topic.

Guitar effects pedals are devices that alter the sound that comes out of your guitar. Effects range from vibrators and compression pedals, to distortion pedals and pitch shifters. Each one of these has a different effect and is designed to achieve different effects.

Distortion and distortion pedals, effect overdrive, chorus and wah pedals are popular with blues and rock guitarists. Altering the sound of the guitar can be both beautiful and the most rewarding technique, as you not only change your sound, but you also learn about sound development.

Compression pedals or gain control, vary levels of compression and gain reduction. This allows you to control the dynamics of both your playing and your records. This deck gives you a lot of flexibility.

Pitch Shifter is a stereo effect that includes a Twisting Edge and a Pulling Edge. These pedals help you shift the pitch of your sound up or down, or in other words, they offer a wider range to your pitch.

Of course, there are other types of guitar effects pedals as well, such as delay effects, flanger, and reverb. Each of these has a different effect and does different things. Remember, the more effects you use, the more difficult you become to master.

Distortion is one of the most popular effects, and offers a thick and tasty crunch sound. Arrangement of your sound from thick to thin and from clear to distorted is a matter of personal taste. Distortion effects come in many different models, from a barely audible tick to full volume. Positioning these pedals in relation to each other is quite important for getting the right sound, and varying positions will alter the Dictionary of CrustClock Effect sizes and change the sounds quite drastically.

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Delay is a second effect that was introduced by Rock pioneers such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Edge and the Beatles, who used the rhythmic delivery of the Was Written For Frank from the Beach Boys’ song On a Sabbath. The delay effect is a sleaze factor in music, since the initial sound is so Synth Pop(ish). It is a method of manipulating time, often in a subtle, yet notable manner. Delays that alter the clarity of sound, include the method of adding or taking out of time, in addition to the duration and duration variations, can alter the very character of a track. Delays that are able, will re-create the same sound with slightly different timings, allowing for the possibility of variation in genre, style and feel.

Chorus effect is the effect of adding distortion, in addition to delay effects, to form a thick and lush sound. The chorus effect is very commonly used in form of a two-plus minute track resting in a vocal or acoustic guitar line. Forming chords and arpeggios around the solo, adds interest and structure to the piece. The use of multi-tap effects, such as digital delay, also form a large part in the development of rock music, as does an extended guitar solo. Another effect used in some forms of rock music is the introduction of an echo effect. Both of these effects are used quite commonly, and both are going to sound quite different, based on the type of music it is mixed to.

Wah-wha:Finally we have the wah-wha effect, which is a pretty experimental type of effect. This effect is most commonly heard in the form of a scratching type of playing, and can also be heard with some wind chimes, and singing. This effect is most related to the phaser, and also adds an echos effect. When these two types of effects are used in the same composition, they may well breathe life into a track.

Those are just some of the effects, that are used in the music created by rock musicians. Use these effects and mix them around to create something new in your music, and get to the next level of listening to music.

Finding the Best New Music Online

Thanks to a number of high-quality streaming music services, finding and downloading new music has never been easier. So the question is, are you sure you don’t have an ethical problem with skipping the traditional services and finding yourself somewhere with absolutely no music and no hope of catching any new music? Well, you almost certainly can’t, at least if you’re doing it strictly for fun.

If you’re doing it to earn money, there’s really no problem. Most full-time musicians and rappers alike use some sort of paid service, whether it’s iTunes or a similar service. This is absolutely fine and doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of being able to find and download new music whenever you feel like it.

But what about those independent rappers, musicians, singers and songwriters who aren’t signed to a major label and who are trying to rely on word of mouth and the community to spread the word about their music? They’re going to have a hard time both making and listening to new music, because you can’t exactly put a track or an album into your MP3 player, let alone listen to it while you’re sharking the West coast.

There’s good news. new technology is upon us. Indie bands can now create their own West Coast/East coast online distribution services, so they can create their own catalogs of songs for listeners. Long gone are the days of carrying around an enormous boom box just to hear a few new songs you hear on the radio. With these services, you’ll get everything from full albums to the singles that you love.

The other scenario that you need to keep in mind is that, of course, you can also set up your own website and sell downloads directly to fans, thereby establishing your own band web page and actively engaging fans in the process of discovering new music. This may not be economical or feasible for most indie bands, but it absolutely depends on the extent of your desire to constantly hear new music and seeing what new bands are coming out.

Do you have a viable plan for selling downloads once you have your own website? Do you have at least one customer? Make a demo CD or two (even one song, if you have no money to buy one). Have your band members create videos for post-release (ie. Vlog, instructional videos) and license them for sale on your website. If you don’t do this, and you’re still making your living through performing, then your only option may be to partner with a major label and ask them to market and sell your music. The only way you’re going to get exposure is by getting fans to download your songs. Fans are going to support you, and fans are going to click on links to your website. If you don’t have a website, you’re going to need to come up with one.

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There are a lot of clone websites out there, so don’t just pick the first one you see. MySpace pages and Facebook pages are fine areas to start. Make sure you only set up one page and don’t set up more than one (unless you’re a four year old). The reason for this is because it’s easy to confuse your target demographic. Mostitimate online distributors will tell you to set up one main page for your product. Once you have that one page set up, you will send downloads to that main page which will house your videos, merch, and music.

After you have your mini-LPits created and uploaded to your controlled distribution website, start promoting them on Twitter using tools like HootSuite, Soulja Boy Twitter, orienced users.ruigmithmatic.com. boost your traffic through Google as well.

Overall, I want to stress that being a great independent artist is by no means easy. It takes determination, hard work, and majority faithfulness in order to sacrifice time in order to grease the skids. “The win-win” formula may be your best bet.

Next time I’ll have a link to a downloadable or previously downloaded good set of songs from you very own album. Sound good? Is it? By the way, if you don’t like it, RTT links are linkats. I suggest you check out the linkats if you enjoy the sound of Rttbuck. Don’t forget to use the Rttbuck tag on your website.

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Learn How to Play the Guitar For a Hobby

Okay, you say “it just takes to long to learn to play”. Now what you don’t realize is that learning can be as much fun as playing. Actually, learning can be more fun. If you can find someone that lives close to you and is interested in learning to play, then it becomes more fun. I remember when I lived in Port Arthur Texas; there were a lot of old style country musicians there and they played all the time in the saloon or whatever they called it. I liked to hear them because I like old time music and this was a big event for them. You would hear the latest songs on the jukebox and then go to the bar or whatever and have a couple of beers. Sometimes they would do a little dance step that included the whole band.

When I went to the library to look up some blue jays music, I found a bunch of songs that they could choose from. Some of them were awful. Some of them were beautiful. Some of them had a catchy tune that would go with any time. Here are some of the guidelines that I followed when I was looking at the songs,

  • Be critical, not just super critical of what it is that you hear but extra critical of how it’s performed. Sometimes you’d hear of a group and they’d have talent, but when you hear them performed, you just have to laugh. How they hold the notes, the phrasing, the rhythm. All of those things matter in a performance, but when you hear them, you’re just astounded at how bad some of these things really are.
  • Always expect the worst. I always do. The worst thing you ever say in public. Shouting them out loud is not the best thing to do, though sometimes it’s necessary.
  • Watch them very carefully to see if they’re having fun. Because if they’re having fun, then they’re having a good time and you’re hearing some good music.
  • If you really like them and they’re making you laugh, then maybe you’d want to pick them up and listen to them some more, because they’re a special brand of evil.
  • Also, if you hear them and you don’t feel very comfortable in your space, don’t make eye contact because…well…you know.
  • Also, if you are a woman, don’t wear things that will show off your body unless you want a guy to pick you up and throw you down.
  • Also, don’t weird your hair too much. Your stylist will know what you’re talking about.
  • To ladies: don’t scream. Your friends will hear that and won’t be too happy.
  • Guys: don’t pick your nose. It’s embarrassing.
  • Bring a water bottle along if you need to. They drink a lot.
  • There are places that have folding chairs and they’re called comfy chairs. Go to them and ask them if they have any.
  • If you’re with a group, make sure that you all know how to get there before you go. You have to pay for the gas.
  • Make sure that you all known each other before you go. If you all have the same taste in music, you’ll have a hard time coming up with different tunes.
  • If you’re traveling by plane, make sure your checked bag has everything. I recommend that you have change of clothes and band merchandise as well. On the road, the novelty of things can wear off.
  • I would recommend having a pad and a pencil, but a book is fine too.
  • Have the tempo written out if you’re going to play it. You’ll need to be able to time it if you don’t have it memorized.
  • Make sure that you practice, practice, practice. You’ll want to be there for the whole hour. (There are no ‘time off’ breaks in an audible sense.)
  • Learn your sequencer well. Too many players don’t know about this. They assume that they can make it on their own. They don’t have the right tools.
  • Also, your metronome should be different than your clock – it’s going to beep and click and never stop, ever.

If you can afford a metronome, you should. You’ll live with it for years and never break the habit.

  • Have a teacher. Ask around and find a teacher you like, and go see them this way. Also, talk to other players and ask them what they recommend.
  • Listen to other people, don’t just play things to yourself. If you play it the same way you hear it, you’ll play badly, because you’re not hearing and playing with the context of real musicians.

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How to Experiment With New Music

In the throws of the music business, it can be a wonderful place where many bright and shiny stars emerge. Yet, the journey of a LP record artist can be among the most arduous musical endeavours. There are a lot of clear-cut rules as to what makes an artist a success and what he should accept and do. Yet, all these rules are broken from time to time, through the Right experiences. Belong to the club or go to the bar? Take a stab at it. Play your first song for a direct appeal to the crowd? Well, you better think twice now. In short, it’s natural to want to experiment with the new music, to bend it, mold it and improve it. And this is how musicians do it.

Consider the band, say, ‘Yes A Company’. This might be the start of something big. Take into consideration the band, the album and the singles from the album. Did the songs work as a whole and are the different tracks worth listening to? After the album, did the singles find their way into the radio and into the public? Did the fans respond to the songs and ‘crossover’ into wider markets?

Or, in the opposite case, might the single, a track or a CD mp3 just be the latest trend and not the last word in sales? Thirdly, you have to consider whether you are catering to a specific market.

And the fourth thing is one that is probably the most overlooked yet integral element of all. Marketing.

David Chaikin (writing)Tools To Speed Up The ProcessI’m sure we’ve all been guilty to artists that don’t write their singles and songs from the heart, simply because they’re in the process of creating something and just waiting for the moment to take it to the next level and let the world know. timing is everything and so is this simple yet critical step.

David Chaikin (co-founder) of Simple Minds downloads a record engine from USonic.com, which is a service that turns your iTunes into a downloading service for Windows Media. This kills two birds with one stone, because it means if people like your music, they’ll be able to buy your album. And what’s more, it’s free. And it’s exactly what you’ll need to make your music dreams come true. A new trail mix from the song pen of David Chaikin and the trail mix for mixing by me using the amazing technology of Audio Studio Technology.

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Voices. I have used my own little laptop to mix my files and upload them through USonic.com. Free. And it is exactly that, free. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a hefty bit of cash involved. There’s always the chance that I may find gigs that I won’t be able to otherwise, which is always worth another look.

Next? Well, to start off, I’ll be using my mp3. And while there are many mp3 services out there, my personal favorite is Amazon MP3. They always have my favorite songs, alphabetically ordered, for i.e. Genesis,tube etc. I can give you the exact details of how i use them, but i won’t just say, download promos. You have to go there. I’ll tell you where i store my music.

AmazonMP3.comhas got my favorite downloadable free music, of course, and they also have software that changes your ipod’s audio format to MP3, making your ipod sound way better.

Yahoo MusicNow Yahoo’s got a cool service where you can buy music. But what’s cool is that they also got iLike, which is a social music site where you can save your favorite artists, and they have a cool tool that makes your ipod’s screen brighter. It really is an amazing thing to have.

eMusic.comNow this is where you really get your first hand at the incredible opportunity to purchase and download Britney Spears’ albums, as well as her singles, and other downloadable music from more than 15 million musicians. There are other downloadable music sources too, of course, but these are the ones that so far appear to be the most cutting edge, and i wouldn’t know about any other services, as they’re still comparatively new.

Rhapsody.com Next on the list would be Rhapsody. I’m not one to give in on Rhapsody, but from everything I’ve read, it seems that they really want to be the player that comes in second place, behind Napster. That really bother me, but who knows. If they can do it, so can we!