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Vastly More Resources For Making Rap Beats Online – The 3 Key Skills That Will Help Ensure Your Success

So, you’re ready to take your musical skills to the next level. You’ve developed a little skills now, and you’re ready to take them to the next level. Well, I commend you for that. Truly. It’s time to make some music. That’s a big step.

Now, you know you want to take your skill to the next level. You’ve practiced, and practiced, and practiced. your piano, and your skills are just nailing it. You might be a little intimidated. But, that’s just normal. Remember, you’ve had practice for so many years, so it’s nothing new, if you’re making it look easy. In fact, it’s only possible with discipline and persistence. But, it’s not just about the technique. Oh, no. The more important skill is making sure that you’re really enjoying yourself when you practice.

Here are 3 tips that are going to help you in making sure that your practicing is enjoyable and awesome.

  1. Take away your list and really consider each thing before you get to it. Is that email you’ve been sent by a modeling agent comprised of mostly hot young models? Or is it an actual important business contact you have in mind? Is it an official studio-outfit or just a hobby? When you really think about it, these phone numbers and email addresses are not important. What you need to know is if having this information will drive you to your next professional endeavor or lead you back to your childhood python – self-pleasure. If it’s any latter, better to not pursue this line of communication. And, honestly, hot young models aren’t as excited about contacting you either.
  2. You really need to be careful about which studio you put your instrumental abilities, demo, etc. in. There are several reputable studios in the Phoenix Arizona area that will cater to your needs. Do your research. And remember to really separate the business aspects from the creative aspects. The business side, if you’re not a Hopefully employed music business professional, should be thinking about how to extracting value for them (their pockets) in the form of your music, skills, etc. rather than you tapping them up for potential.
  3. You’ll need to really separate the giving from the marketing. Let me explain. If you’re a great player and are getting paid well, awesome. But remember this. You’re selling yourself. Your skills are selling. And, if you’re not, well, not great. Women want someone who is great at delivering a great product or service, not just someone who can market and sell a product.
  4. It’s critical that you, as a producer/arranger, remember that you are establishing a relationship with the client. If you don’t treat the client like a friend, you’ll be treating them like a client.Origination 5. If you’re not selling the product, how are you supposed to make them feel when they visit your web site?

So, if you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, to become a fully fledged pro, then you need to take the time to implement some great tips that are essential to successful web business success. Take the time to write down all of your answers. Then, start putting them into action. Simple. Take action. The numbers don’t lie.

Ways to enhance yourmusic business success.

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If you are choosing a specific genre to market, go all out!… no point in doing a ‘major genre rundown’!

Choose a niche where you are already a trained singer or musician. When you are happy to focus solely on that niche, it’s best to set aside time to write for artists. One doesn’t just wake up one day and become a music businessoffer. You start with the niche, write, record and promote writers for a niche. Once you have completed your initial writing, tasks relating to the business can usually fall into place.

The niche is the place you develop your online music business. In the earlier stages, you may still have to develop a business plan. Once you have more moneyavailable for musicians, musicians can still pursue their niche careers as independent unsigned labels, electronic record labels, as solo singers, or backup singer/songwriters.

Once you have more moneyavailable for musicians, you can still function as a indie label, but now have the resources of a full professional studio, songwriters and a select group of artists you can approaching on a much wider scale.

Don’t sell out. Take your time. Keep in mind that you are interested in ‘filtering out’ those artists who aren’t getting ‘rhythm’ or ‘mood’ from your original songs – eventually, this means all artists.

Def Leppard Ballads: The Softer Side of Classic Rock

Certain songs you just sing along with. ‘Taking Care of Business’ is an obvious one that never gets old. ‘Dirty Deeds’ and ‘Panama’ are staples in bumper to bumper traffic after a long day at work. But you’d probably be lying if you said you hadn’t wailed along with some Def Leppard ballads like ‘Love Bites’ or ‘Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad’.

Def Leppard ballads are a kind of musical sneak attack. Most people heard the big sound of ‘Love Bites’ or ‘When Love And Hate Collide’ and didn’t even realize they were in the presence of world-class ballad-writing at its best. The fact is, some of the earliest recorded ballads came from the likes of Def Leppard (only to be completely overdone by other bands in the years that followed). Having mined some of the great rock and metal sounds of the early 80s, they were perfectly positioned to take advantage of having a whole lot of really great songs of their own to showcase. Having seen a lot of recorded material over the course of the decade, they certainly knew which sounds to draw upon for their own material.

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But if you’ve never had the pleasure of unwinding to some ballads from the early Def Leppard years, then the following list will very probably be a welcome treat. We’ve selected just two of their absolute best, but there are definitely ten incredible tunes that didn’t make the cut. Read on to find out where you should be spending your leisure time, and to find out more about the band that’s responsible for these incredible sounds…

  1. ‘Love Bites’ – from ‘Hysteria’, 1988

More of a mid-tempo power-sloller than a slow-burn love story, this opus on heartbreak delivers everything from gritty acoustic ballad to R&B groove.Still one of the band’s biggest selling records, over seven decades later.

  1. ‘Two Steps Behind’ – from ‘Euphoria’ 1989

Won over the Eurovision audience with a melodic balladoda on this one, carrying on the great tradition of melodic power ballads from the 60s through the 80s.

  1. ‘Gods of War’ – from ‘Sons and Ladies’ 74′, 1978

Like most of the band’s early work, you’ll find the guitar rocking underneath a big let off of straight-ahead riffing, before the huge power metal guitars crash in to create a driving, pulsing section.

  1. ‘Love’ – from ‘Euphoria’ 1989

Great guitar riff but a bit tricky with the vocal range, here. The beat rolls up ‘a gear’ when it drops down to the floor for the chorus, which is where the album really takes shape, despite the presence of a cease-and-orus towards the end.

  1. ‘Two Together’ – from ‘Blaze’ 1992

Like ‘When Love And Hate Collide’ this one rambles on for about half a dozen tracks, building off the rocking theme. It reaches a surprising (and brilliant) climax at the end, when the band reveal their resonance and passion, despite the track literally being over-written by the bassist.

  1. ‘Voices’ – from ‘Euphoria’ 1989

The opening track beckons you to take a seat, but don’t delay, this whirlwind track is a tour de force. Part One is a conventional blues survey, the second less so.

  1. ‘When Light Is Done’ – from ‘D’ya Think I’m Sexy?

The standard in ( Stanton snapshots ) “When Light Is Done” – complete with familiar vocal range and chord changes – is the first track on the album; a mischevous slab of garage rock that hits with agian flavour, before stomping back into high gear at the end.

  1. ‘Danger’ – from ‘Get Lucky’ 1994

Resenting the funkier edge of ( Oldells ) “The Strike Again” in favour of a equal attentiveness to the guitar, ( Black Sabbath ) “Danger” heightened theAlternatively proffered ‘zzy’ sound to an impressive, though thankfully non-album, level.

  1. ‘flea Circus’ – from ‘Get Lucky’ 1994

The afterlife journey of the title character in Flea’s excellent ( Black Sabbath ) “Like worms, elephants, fiddle, screw andHERO’ ( EXELude, Polyblina,Secondly, Van Halen, White Spirit, Power to the People, and, ironically,Lords of Karma), this trackRegister stands as a thoughtful ode to the band’s career, rehearsals and the vibrancy of ex director Holles throughout.

Making Beats – The Key to Good Music

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered how the writer/composer creates the music, without singing or playing an instrument? You see, there is a story behind every single note that you hear.

Music is a part of every culture and society in the world. It underground just like literature and has been since the times of ancient civilizations. Although music has been with us for a very long time, there are various periods where the term “music” was in and out defined.

Everybody today is familiar with the term “pop music” even though pop music is hardly defined. Let’s dig deeper with this trend. Classical, traditional, and even contemporary music are all part of the bigger picture when thinking about what kind of music is “pop”.

There are some elements that are constant throughout all forms of music. These elements are the melody and the beat. These two are the ones that feature the bulk of the lyrics and songs. However, these two elements can be separated because there are different components that make up tunes and melodies.

Melody is the main tune and instrumental accompaniment of a song. It’s the part of the music that you whistle or hum. The beat is the hot beat that repeatedly plays. It’s the frequency of the sound heard by the human ear. When anything else is added to the melody or beat, other components of the song come into play. For example, a guitar solo, a voice piece, or even an orchestra can add to the melody.

Composers will compose a piece of music or a piece of song and work with the melody and the beat to determine the song. It may include tempos and the length of the song. Most of songs last for between three to five minutes. Most television shows last around two to three minutes.

Songs are created by composers to entertain people. This is the main reason why songs were written. Just like a writer of a book, a musician will create a piece of music to entertain people. The composer will decide on the tempo of the song. This can slow the tempo down or speed it up. The composer will determine how many times the melody can be heard by the audience.

The melody is composed to fit the needs of the composer. One of the most difficult pieces of music isDaisy’s Themeby George surrounds himself with rich, atmospheric and emotionally-charged melodies that create a true feel and purpose for the composition.

It can be a hard task to compose a piece of music, but it is also fulfilling. Like any other art form, songwriting requires creativity, hard work, persistence and patience. The piece of music that the composer creates may be a result of inspiration given by accidentally watching a song or songwriter perform. Also, a professional musician and lyricist will create a more complex tune that will make it hard to be played. However, the music still appeals to listeners and they finish the work in time.

You don’t have to be a musician or lyricist to start creating music. Think of instrument players for example. There are many talented guitarists out there who are mediocre songwriters. However, most of these players have become famous because of their talents as musicians who play guitar for a living.

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Another career option for a lyricist is as a musician. Many successful musicians have started as songwriters. In the golf world, many greats such as balladeers and golfers fall into this category. Some of these golfers never even amateur golpped a note on their feet. They never had a single lesson, yet they have risen above other musicians and created memorable songs and albums.

If you love music, it is not hard to be a songwriter and you can even start with free songwriting online lessons. Not all websites are created equally. Some of them are much better than others. Some of the best songwriters prefer to be taught by an experienced songwriter. You can search the web and find some of the most experienced songwriters. Contact them and be amazed at their bare songwriting souls.

Bare your soul and release your thoughts through a song. You can not be a songwriter if you are scared to write down your thoughts. I know a few people who can’t even spell congregational harmony correctly. However, when you learn how to use your voice and transform into a songwriter, you will know the power of un-repetition.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Play The Guitar?

Deciding on the standard of guitar playing that you wish to achieve would be the most unrealistic choice that a beginning guitarist would make. The standard that you set for yourself will determine the rate of your progress since being a beginner is no different than a novice who is just starting out. The only difference is that you will experience none of the “ups and downs” that become familiar to novice guitarists. Beginner guitarists aren’t aware of how to set the standard for their skill level.

An extremely long time is required before a guitarist’s technique can sound even half-decent. Many individuals studying classical guitar who aren’t able to play even a single scale due to the fact are far from mastering the art. A beginning guitarist’s brain needs to be constantly stimulated in order for them to continuously progress from being an observer to a player. Without this, you can expectBeginner Electric Guitar Lessons to be set aside.

When you take into account the fact that the guitar requires no advanced knowledge or skills, the improvisational aspects of guitar playing become a lot more interesting. The sooner you learn these, the sooner you will be able to play anything that you hear, whether it’s music or actual guitar solos. Have you ever been driving, and as you came up with a jazzy melody; you were inundated with beautiful sounding melodies all of which could have easily been written by one of your favorite artists? All you had to do was learn a few Minor 7th chords.

The 8 excellent steps to mastering the guitar

  1. Guitar lessons

The most obvious choice when you decide that you want to learn how to play the guitar. There are countless options for those who would like to take guitar lessons. This could be done through a private instructor or even through one of the many websites that offer guitar lessons.

  1. Video lessons

Probably the most effective way of learning to play the guitar. This especially shows the benefit of taking lessons from one of the many websites that offer guitar lessons. The videos that these sites offer are of such quality and are created by professionals that you can learn all of the latest techniques with ease.

  1. Chord dictionary

Another powerful tool for gaining a customized guitar playing style. You need to know your chords and how to play them within a few simple lessons. Most beginners will get lost with this, as it can be challenging to learn some of the basic chords, without a chord chart.

  1. Find online support

Even if you have formed a band, this is still a hobby. There will be times that you will become stuck and confused. Not only will you have the satisfaction of playing along with your musically inclined friends, you will also have the satisfaction of answering to a forum or sending a support ticket to a customer service representative.

  1. Practice

Nobody goes into business telling you how to manage your money. You will need to set aside at least 30 minutes of practice time every day or else you will risk losing your enthusiasm.

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Top 5 Beginner Electric Guitar Lessons

  1. Learn to read tab

Once you have learned the basic chord names and a few strumming patterns, it’s time to start working on finding the tablature for the songs you love. A lot of music available today is written in tab or a equivalent format for your guitar. If you don’t want to invest too much time in learning to read tab, you can find free guitar tabs on the web.

  1. Kids Electric Guitars

Your child may have noticed a passion for music. Maybe he has a particular love for singing. You could designate him or her the task of learning to play an electric guitar, as long as you ensure that practice is done regularly. Not only will your child be practicing on his or her own, but he or she will also be inspired to have an interest in music as he or she learns.

  1. Online basic guitar lessons

Perhaps the most feasible option for you. You can find a wide array of online guitar lessons. There are instructional videos, e-books and even interactive software. Your child can take any of these according to his or her interest.

Learn Electric Guitar Online Free

When you want to learn electric guitar online free course material is available plenty. Just Google the phrase “learn electric guitar online free” and hundreds of web sites will pop up. The thing you want to look for is the substance. You don’t want to just find a few web sites that say the magic words. What you want is material that will help you actually learn electric guitar online.

The good news is that the web is filled with free material. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in “learn electric guitar online free”, this will bring up thousands of web sites. You do not need to pay a dime for any of these sites. Just ensure that you click on the sites that are genuine and free. Once you have done that click on the items that interest you. From there you can choose items that you can pay for later or ones that are free.

Don’t pay for the first few items you see, because you are simply looking for the web sites that will actually teach you electric guitar online. If you are looking for a free online guitar lesson don’t be fooled by the extra free stuff. From the first page of search you should see a split screen of two vertical lines. This signals the beginning of your online guitar lesson.

On the left part of the page you will see letters S and R. S stands for Skip forward and R stands for Skip backwards. If you want to use these skip forward and backward letters in a search on your own you can do it. You will see letters like F and C. These stand for Focus and background.

To help you find the focus of your guitar lessons you will need to take the letters F and C and place them next to a diagram of a guitar. This will show you that you need to finger the second fret on the top string. Once you have done this move on to the third fret and so on.

You should start with your second finger on the fourth fret of the top string. By the way, this is the exact same location on the fret board that your second finger is on. With the letter F on the second fret your finger is now on the fourth fret. Make sure that you do this through out the first four frets.

What this shows you is that you should place your second finger on the F key and your third finger on the C key or whatever key you are using. At this point you should recognize that you do not have to move your entire finger up and down the fret board.

Before you practice moving your fingers you will need to get used to the feeling of having one finger on each fret. Practice having one finger on each fret, but be sure that you keep your hand very relaxed. Generally do not allow any other finger to touch the fret board.

This makes it easier to remove your fingers when you are strumming. If your fingers get all tangled up, then you will have a problem that requires some professional help.

Things You Must Note When Learning To Play Electric Guitar

As you learn more on how to play electric guitar, you will learn more about all the special symbols and anything else that shows up on a frequency. With some of the symbols you will be showing your age, so it is important that you know what they mean.

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The different symbols have different meanings. Sometimes a symbol is referred to as a “turnaround”, which means that you make a little turn with the direction of your fingers. Another symbol is an ” erect”, which means that the finger is stuck straight up. Sometimes it is necessary to have the tip of your finger out, and sometimes you need to flatten the end. You will learn all about pennies next. Musical symbols are often hidden, and can be found on a guitar.

Learning to play electric guitar in the beginning can be tricky. As you learn more and more about how to play electric guitar, you will be able to guess more and more about the symbols that show up on the frets of your guitar. The ones you will start to understand will be the more straightforward questions, such as the use of a “Z” on a guitar and why singers sometimes use a slight arch in front of vowels.

Having a clear understanding of these symbols and the way that you use them will be key to learning to play electric guitar and becoming a good player. Do not leave out the bunch of practise time and the mental agility vital for learning to improvise, and memorizing solos and improvisation. These skills are the ones that will ensure you have a killer sound at the end of your journey.

7 Alat Musik Tradisional Indonesia yang Mendunia

Musik tradisional merupakan salah satu kekayaan budaya bangsa yang tidak lekang oleh waktu. Seiring perkembangan musik modern, generasi penerus wajib mempelajari dan mempertahankan budaya asli Indonesia. Jangan sampai musik tradisional hilang karena ketidakpedulian anak-anak muda. Padahal alat musik tradisional Indonesia sangat diminati turis asing, lho! Tidak menutup kemungkinan Anda bisa menjadi ahli musik tradisional yang memiliki bayaran fantastis kelak. 

Alat Musik Tradisional Indonesia yang Terkenal ke Mancanegara  

Indonesia merupakan negara besar yang memiliki ragam suku dengan budaya masing-masing. Seni musik, tari dan tradisi setiap daerah memiliki ciri khas yang berbeda. Di mata dunia, ada 7 alat musik tradisional Indonesia yang paling populer yaitu :

  1. Gamelan 

Siapa yang tidak tahu dengan popularitas gamelan sebagai alat musik tradisional Indonesia paling mendunia? Ya, alat musik gamelan berasal dari Jawa Tengah yang terdiri dari kendang, bonang, demung, saron, dan rebab. 

  1. Angklung

Merupakan alat musik daerah Jawa Barat yang terkenal sampai mancanegara, lho! Keunikan suara yang muncul dari benturan badan bambu saat angklung bergoyang memang istimewa. Tangan yang menggoyangkan angklung akan membentuk nada 2, 3 dan 4 pada setiap ukuran bambu angklung. Keren, ya? 

  1. Kolintang 

Alat musik tradisional Indonesia yang tak kalah populer dengan gamelan atau angklung adalah kolintang. Jenis alat musik yang berasal dari daerah Minahasa, Sulawesi Utara terdiri dari barisan gong kecil mendatar. Pemain perlu memukul kolintang agar menghasilkan suara yang serasi dengan alat musik pelengkap yaitu gong besar dan drum. 

  1. Sasando 

Dari provinsi NTT tepatnya daerah Rote, Anda bisa menyaksikan masyarakat sekitar memainkan sasando dengan apik. Sasando merupakan alat musik tradisional yang biasa digunakan untuk mengiringi lagu-lagu daerah Rote. Sayang sekali pesona musik sasando mulai berkurang sehingga perlu inovasi kekinian guna meningkatkan minat generasi muda. Anda bisa belajar memainkan musik sasando elektrik yang lebih modern.

  1. Serune kale 

Alat musik tradisional Indonesia yang mendapat pujian dari mancanegara adalah serune kale. Alat musik ini sangat populer dikalangan turis karena dimainkan dengan rapai dan gendang di berbagai acara penyambutan tamu atau tari-tarian khas Aceh.  Serune kale merupakan alat musik mirip seruling bambu dari Aceh yang terbuat dari kayu, kuningan dan tembaga.

  1. Tifa

Masyarakat dari daerah Maluku dan Papua memiliki alat musik tradisional yang terkenal sampai luar negeri yaitu tifa. Tifa merupakan alat musik yang terbuat dari kayu yang memiliki lubang pada bagian tengah dan dimainkan dengan cara dipukul.

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Biasanya upacara adat menggunakan iringan musik dari tifa yang memikat para turis asing. Tidak hanya menjadi salah satu kekayaan musik tradisional Indonesia, tifa sering dijadikan souvenir wisatawan lokal dan asing yang berkunjung ke Maluku atau Papua. Alat musik tifa dengan harga terjangkau sangat cocok menjadi buah tangan saat Anda liburan ke kawasan Indonesia Timur, ya!

  1. Slenthem 

Slenthem merupakan alat musik berupa gong yang menjadi bagian instrumen dari set gamelan. Uniknya, slenthem memiliki nada yang berbeda versi pelog dan slendro. Jika pelog hanya mencakup nada C hingga B, maka slendro memiliki rentang nada yang lebih beragam mulai C, D, E, G, A, dan C. 

Kini Anda sudah tahu alat musik tradisional Indonesia yang mendunia, namun kurang mendapatkan minat dari para Millenial. Sudah saatnya penerus bangsa mencintai dan mempelajari kekayaan budaya negeri sendiri. Yuk, belajar memainkan alat musik tradisional favorit Anda!

Meski Sibuk, 5 Seleb Korea Ini Tetap Rajin Ibadah

Industri hiburan di Korea Selatan telah merambah ke berbagai negara. Artis-artis dari negara ini begitu terkenal, bahkan selain tampil di negaranya sendiri banyak dari Mereka yang diundang untuk mengisi acara di negara-negara lain. Bisa dibayangkan betapa sibuknya seleb-seleb Korea ini. Terutama artis-artis yang sedang naik daun, seperti boyband dan juga girlband Korea yang terkenal bahkan para pemain film atau drama Korea dari berbagai agensi yang ada. Namun, ternyata di tengah kesibukan para seleb ini, ada beberapa pengakuan seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah.

Seleb Korea yang Rajin Ibadah

Walaupun didera kesibukan di dunia hiburan, beberapa seleb di bawah ini tetap menyempatkan dirinya untuk beribadah. Berikut ini 5 seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah:

  1. Park Bo Gum

Salah satu seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah di tengah kesibukan ialah Park Bo Gum. Ia adalah seorang aktor Korea Selatan yang cukup religius. Di tengah rutinitasnya sebagai seorang aktor, Ia menyempatkan diri untuk mengunjungi gereja secara rutin untuk mengikuti ibadah di gereja tersebut.

Selain itu, Park Bo Gum juga pernah mengunggah poster acara gereja tempat Ia biasa beribadah. Namun, sayangnya poster itu menimbulkan kontroversi. Dikarenakan dugaan bahwa gereja Jesus Centered Church tersebut menyebarkan aliran sesat.

  1. BoA

BoA adalah seorang penyanyi senior yang termasuk seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah. Ia  adalah seorang katolik yang taat. Sejak usia muda Ia juga telah melakukan baptis.

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Bahkan menjadi pekerjaanya sebagai penyanyi besar di Korsel menjadikannya semakin dekat dengan tuhan. BoA juga pernah mengatakan bahwa Ia rajin pergi ke gereja untuk ibadah.

  1. Rose Blackpink

Seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah selanjutnya adalah seorang penyanyi, anggota girlband yang sedang naik daun dan banyak digandrungi para remaja dari berbagai belahan dunia. Rose blackpink ialah seorang seleb Korea yang religius. Walaupun jadwal yang dimilikinya sebagai seorang aktris sangatlah padat, Ia tetap menyempatkan diri untuk ibadah.

Seleb asal Selandia Baru ini mengaku masa remajanya disibukkan untuk pergi ke gereja dan menjadi anggota paduan suara. Dan kebiasaan mengunjungi gereja itu tetap berlanjut walaupun Ia disibukkan dengan banyaknya kegiatan sebagai anggota Blackpink.

  1. Taeyang Bigbang

Taeyang adalah salah satu seleb Korea yang rajin beribadah. Secara terang–erangan Ia mengaku sebagai penganut Kristen yang taat. Bahkan, Ia selalu membawa Alkitab di dalam tasnya. Ia juga mengatakan bahwa dalam setiap langkah, setiap pilihan yang Ia pilih selalu melibatkan Tuhan.

  1. Mark NCT

Seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah selanjutnya adalah Mark NCT. Ia seorang member dari salah satu grup yang besar. Mark yang terkenal tampan dan berbakat ini ternyata tak kalah religius dengan seleb-seleb lainnya.  Mark NCT pernah aktif saat pelayanan gereja di Kanada. 

Mark juga mengaku tidak lupa selalu beribadah meski telah di dera kesibukan dan menjadi anggota grup yang besar. Bahkan, sewaktu NCT memenangkan MAMA Award tahun 2016, Ia menuliskan ayat-ayat Alkitab saat acara Fansign.

Taat beribadah merupakan nilai tambah tersendiri bagi beberapa artis. Para seleb akan dianggap religius dan lebih cocok dijadikan idola. Tetapi bukan berarti seleb lainnya tidak layak dijadikan Idola. Selain itu, banyak seleb Korea yang rajin ibadah memilih tidak untuk mengeksposnya ke publik.

Deretan Film Populer yang Bikin Nostalgia Masa Sekolah

Sebagai penggemar film, tentu Anda sudah sering menonton berbagai jenis film tak terkecuali film tema masa sekolah. Terlebih di era pandemi seperti sekarang ini tentu Anda juga akan merasakan rindunya belajar dan berkumpul bersama teman-teman di sekolah. Untuk mengobati kangen tersebut, Anda bisa menyimak deretan film populer yang bikin nostalgia masa sekolah di bawah ini!

4 Rekomendasi Film Tema Masa Sekolah 

Sebagai obat rindu yang bisa mengembalikan nostalgia masa-masa sekolah, tidak ada salahnya untuk mengetahui beberapa film tema masa sekolah. Dengan jalan cerita yang menarik, di bawah ini beberapa film tersebut yang mungkin salah satunya adalah film favorit Anda.

  1. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)

Siapa yang belum mengenal film tema masa sekolah yang satu ini? Bagi Anda pecinta film, pasti sudah mengenali film tersebut. Film ini berkisah tentang anak mudah SMA di Negara Thailand. Dengan alur serta permasalahan cerita yang ringan dan menarik, Anda tentu akan kangen untuk menontonnya kembali.

Tak hanya itu, dalam film ini juga terdapat beberapa unsure komedi pada setiap menitnya. Tentu suasana yang tadinya menyebabkan Anda menjadi jenuh kini dapat kembali ceria saat menonton film ini.

  1. Bad Genius (2017)

Film tema masa sekolah yang rilis di era 2017-an ini bercerita tentang seorang gadis jenius yang berasal dari kalangan menengah. Gadis yang bernama Lynn tersebut bersekolah di sekolah bergengsi dan elit di Negara Thailand. 

Saat di sekolah, tentu ada banyak kisah yang digambarkan dalam film ini. Lynn sudah mulai mengenal teman-temannya, salah satunya Grace. Grace merupakan salah satu teman Lynn yang membuatnya menjadi iba dan kasihan karena ia tak mampu mengerjakan soal matematika.

Atas dasar alasan tersebutlah membuat Lynn memberanikan diri untuk merencanakan proyek masal. Yakni dengan cara mencurangi ujian masuk perguruan tinggi di Amerika. Saat Anda mencoba menonton fim ini, maka Anda akan disuguhkan dengan suasana mencekamnya. Dimana Lynn melangsungkan aksi mencoteknya meski dalam pengawasan ketat panitia. Bagaimana, apakah Anda tertarik menontonnya?

  1. Yowis Ben (2018)

Beralih ke drama dan film yang berasal dari Indonesia. Yowis Ben merupakan film besutan salah satu komedian sekaligus Youtuber yang bernama Bayu Skak. Film ini juga bisa menjadi film pilihan yang dapat membuat Anda menjadi nostalgia masa-masa sekolah.  Seperti pada kisah kehidupan anak SMA di Indonesia, film ini juga menghadirkan jalan cerita yang umumnya terjadi di masyarakat secara nyata.

Diwarnai juga dengan kekonyolan-kekonyolan dan ciri khas bahasa daerah masing-masing. Film Yowis Ben ini sendiri menceritakan bahwa Bayu memendam rasa suka kepada Susan yang ia merupakan gadis pujaan hati di sekolah. Jika ingin mengetahui seperti apa perjuangan Bayu dalam menaklukkan hati Susan, maka Anda bisa menonton langsung film agar tidak penasaran.

  1. At Eighteen (2019)

Merupakan serial drama Korea yang cukup menjadi favorit. Film At Eighteen menceritakan tentang realita kehidupan siswa SMA yang gigih berjuang untuk masuk ke perguruan tinggi bergengsi. Tentu saja film ini cukup relefan dengan kehidupan yang ada Indonesia di masa-masa sekolahnya.

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Salah satu tokoh dalam film ini yang cukup menarik perhatian adalah Shin Seongho. Ia merupakan tokoh yang terkenal mempunyai citra baik semasa di sekolah. Tak heran jika ia juga tidak ingin memperoleh citra buruk selama bersekolah. Ia pun sangat berambisi untuk bersaing dalam mengalahkan setiap murid di sekolahnya.

Dengan jalan cerita yang menarik, tentu Anda sangat terhibur saat melihat film yang satu ini. Film ini membantu Anda teringat kembali bagaimana realita bersaing di masa-masa sekolah. Belum lagi visual para pemainnya yang cukup cantik dan tampan tentu membuat semua orang semakin betah menontonnya sampai akhir. Dari beberapa film yang identik dengan masa-masa sekolah di atas, tentu menjadi warna tersendiri bagi dunia perfilman, tak terkecuali Indonesia maupun luar negeri. Agar Anda tidak lagi rindu masa-masa SMA, tidak ada salahnya untuk menonton salah satu film tema masa sekolah di atas.

Di Tengah Pandemi, Inilah Deretan Artis yang Sudah Melahirkan Anak Mereka

Meskipun 2020 diselimuti kesedihan karena adanya pandemi COVID-19, tapi bagi sebagian pasangan artis tahun 2020 justru menjadi tahun bahagia mereka. Pasalnya, artis-artis ini akan segera mempunyai anak. Artis yang melahirkan tahun 2020 ini tentu memiliki kisah sendiri-sendiri mengenai perjuangan mendapatkan sang buah hati.

Perjuangan yang dirasakan oleh para artis ini pastinya lebih berat karena harus melahirkan di tengah pandemi yang berbahaya dan membahayakan nyawa ini. Simak selengkapnya siapa saja artis yang melahirkan tahun 2020 di bawah ini.

  1. Acha Sinaga
    Pada tanggal 10 Maret yang lalu, aktris berusia 31 tahun ini baru saja melahirkan anak laki-laki pertamanya. Didampingi sang suami Andy Ambarita, putra pertama keduanya yang bernama Lucas Asaf Ambarita ini lahir dengan sehat tanpa kurang suatu apa pun di Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.
    Acha sendiri mengatakan, pengalaman pertamanya melahirkan ini benar-benar antara hidup dan mati seorang ibu. 
  2. Yuanita Christiani
    Tidak lama setelah Acha Sinaga melahirkan anak pertamanya, presenter Yuanita Christiani juga melahirkan anak perempuan pertamanya yang diberi nama Ariella Lenora Wiguna. Hadirnya sang buah hati tentu membawa kebahagiaan tersendiri bagi Yuanita dan suaminya, Indra Wiguna Tjipto.
    Ariella yang lahir pada tanggal 16 Maret ini menjadi sebuah babak baru bagi keluarga kecil Yunita. Pasangan ini pun berharap dapat menjadi orang tua yang baik bagi mereka dan dapat menuntun sang putri agar menjadi anak yang baik dan takut akan Tuhan. 
  3. Andien Aisyah
    Ternyata di balik video klip terbarunya yang diberi judul “Jendela Waktu”, penyanyi Andien Aisyah ini menyelipkan pesan sekaligus kabar bahagia pada bagian terakhir dari videonya. Jika diperhatikan, terdapat potongan video yang merupakan suatu pesan dan memperlihatkan bahwa anak keduanya telah lahir.
    Berbeda dengan yang lain, rupanya Andien lebih memilih untuk melahirkan lewat metode water birth  di rumahnya sendiri pada tanggal 1 Mei yang lalu. Ini tak lepas dari faktor adanya pandemi yang rawan dan bisa menyerang siapa saja. Putri kedua dari pasangan Andien Aisyah dan Irfan Wahyudi ini diberi nama Anaku Tarisma Jingga dan dipanggil Tabi, yang mana panggilan unik ini asalnya dari bahasa Jepang. 
  4. Terry Shahab
    Di tengah pandemi virus corona ini, Terry Shahab menjadi salah satu artis yang melahirkan tahun 2020 dengan persalinan normal di rumah sakit. Anak kedua dari Terry Shahab ini lahir pada tanggal 2 Mei atau sehari setelah anak dari Andien lahir.
    Putra bungsunya yang diberi nama Hasan Ibrahim Shahab ini diharapkan dapat menjadi anak yang sholeh dan taat dengan Penciptanya dan tidak lupa untuk selalu mendoakan keluarga dan sahabat agar selamat baik dunia maupun akhirat. 
  5. Tiara Pangestika
    Istri dari Arief Muhammad sekaligus influencer ini berhasil melahirkan putra pertamanya yaitu Ibrahim Wishaka El Emran pada tanggal 5 Juni yang lalu. Kehadiran putra pertama ini tentu membuat pasangan ini begitu terharu dan bahagia, terlebih setelah penantian panjang mereka selama bertahun-tahun untuk mendapatkan buah hati.
    Meskipun percobaan IVF pertama pasangan ini sempat gagal di tahun 2018, namun ternyata di percobaan keduanya, program IVF yang mereka jalankan pada 2019 silam berhasil sehingga keduanya bisa mendapatkan Ibrahim, sang buah hati. 

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Itulah sebagian artis yang melahirkan tahun 2020 di tengah pandemi. Kehadiran sang buah hati tentu tidak hanya membawa kebahagiaan bagi para artis dan keluarganya saja, namun juga membuat penggemarnya turut merasa bahagia.

Artis Korea yang Banyak Diperbincangkan Sepanjang November 2020

Bulan November 2020 ini dipenuhi dengan berbagai drama Korea yang seru dan menarik hati para pecinta drakor. Bukan hanya disuguhkan dengan alur cerita yang seru, drama Korea yang ditayangkan pada November ini juga dibintangi oleh para artis populer yang bakat aktingnya tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Dikumpulkan dari reaksi pada netizen, berikut ini beberapa nama artis Korea favorit yang banyak diperbincangkan sepanjang bulan November.

Deretan Nama Artis Korea Favorit Sepanjang Bulan November 2020

  1. Bae Suzy

Artis Korea favorit pertama yang banyak menjadi bahan perbincangan di bulan November ini adalah Bae Suzy. Lewat perannya di serial drama berjudul “Start Up” dia berhasil menghipnotis para penonton untuk masuk dalam alur cerita yang diperankannya sebagai Seo Dal Mi tersebut. Artis Korea kelahiran 10 Oktober 1994 ini juga berprofesi sebagai penyanyi, model dan juga MC yang sangat berpengalaman.

  1. Lee Dong Wook

Nama Lee Dong Wook kembali menjadi perbincangan para pecinta drama Korea lantaran perannya sebagai gumiho dalam serial drama berjudul “Tale of the Nine Tailed”. Artis Korea favorit ini lahir pada 6 November 1981. Banyak serial drama yang diperankannya hingga membuat namanya menjadi terkenal diantaranya Scent of a Woman, My Girl,  Guardian: The Lonely and Great God dan Hotel King.

  1. Nam Joo Hyuk

Kemampuan akting yang luar biasa dan kian meningkat, membuat Nam Joo Hyuk menuai pujian lantaran perannya dalam serial drama “ Star Up”. Drama On Going ini memang menjadi banyak perbincangan para pecinta drakor karena alur cerita yang romantis, seru, menyenangkan dan membuat penontonnya selalu penasaran dengan endingnya. Apakah Anda termasuk tim Do San?

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Selain berhasil dalam drama Star Up, artis berusia 26 tahun ini juga berhasil membintangi beberapa drama lainnya seperti Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo dan Who Are You: School 2015.

  1. Kim Bum

Artis Korea favorit berikutnya adalah Kim Bum. Memiliki pesona yang tidak terbantahkan sejak dulu, Kim Bum kembali hadir dengan kepiawaian perannya dalam drama berjudul “Tale of the Nine Tailed”. Anggota CJ yang lahir pada 7 Juli 1989 ini juga membintangi beberapa drama lain seperti Before Flowers, Death Bell dan I Like it Hot hingga membuatnya semakin diidamkan para pecinta drakor.

  1. Kim Seon Ho

Karakter Ji Pyeong yang dimainkan oleh aktor Kim Seon Ho, mampu membuat para penonton terkena second lead syndrome. Pecinta drakor tentunya tidak akan pernah ketinggalan untuk menonton drama On Going November ini. Siapa nih tim dari CEO?

  1. Lee Do Hyun

Memerankan sosok papa muda, aktor Lee Do Hyun berhasil mencuri perhatian para penonton melalui aktingnya dalam drama “18 Again”. Artis Korea kelahiran 11 April 1995 ini juga berhasil menarik perhatian pecinta drakor dalam serial drama Still 17 dan Hotel De Luna.

  1. Lee Ji Ah

Alur cerita yang seru dan semakin menarik hingga aktris Lee Ji Ah yang tampil totalitas dalam memerankan drama berjudul “Penthouse: War in Life” membuat para penonton menjadi terbawa suasana. Bahkan episode terbaru drama Korea November ini banjir air mata penonton yang menyaksikannya.

Nah itulah beberapa nama artis Korea favorit yang banyak diperbincangkan sepanjang bulan November 2020. Kepiawaian dan totalitas para artis Korea ini memang mampu membuat para pecinta drakor semakin gandrung dan menyukai drama-drama yang ditayangkan. Apakah artis idola Anda termasuk di dalamnya?