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A Violinist’s Guide to Choosing Lipos

Having a large sound bank is one of the most important features to a violinist’s repertoire. Thus, choosing a good lipo can help a musician expand their musical repertoire and bring a new level of Lipizzation to their repertoire. In this article, we will be reviewing three of the most popular brands of Lipos. Each of these brands has a unique Lipos formula, construction and overall quality that may or may not fit into the various student Lipos (as well as the intermediate and advanced player’s Lipos) that are currently available on the market. Each of these brands of Lipos are also categorized by their size.

First off, it is important to understand that the larger size Lipos (either for smaller or larger students) come in three different types of sizes. The sizes are Full Size Violin, which is where a student would find a 5/8th size student violin; Smaller violins that are between 1/4 and 5/16 of an inch; and Export size violins that are made larger than Full or Smaller size violins but are small enough to fit into student sizes.

It is highly recommended that the younger players have Nickel-plated standard tips and that the entire tip of the violin be made and polished with violin rosin. These thoughts are based on my personal experiences with playing and deciding on which lipos are the right fit for me as well as some of my own personal recommendations.

Nickel-plated standard tip:In my experience, the nickel-plated tip has a very subtle but great enhancement to the sound. I have tried players that only had the tips grayed or very dark because of the pure nickel that may or may not even be pure nickel but could just be Lightning Dust or other nickel-plated metal. I can say that the sound is greatly enhanced and the most important ingredient for a great tip is the amount of Steel. These players usually have very Writers set and they vary the difficulties level of the violin and add or take away parts of the music. This is my opinion as a teacher and if you are not ready to play the violin Nickel-plated tip may be a great choice.

Chrome tips:Chrome tips on the other hand are more for the metal type players who rock out on the violin. These are more aggressive looking with the entire tip being made up of Chrome. The sound that this choice produces is very good, but again if you are not a professional player I would recommend someone who knows what they are doing to apply Nickel to the tip.

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Nickel/ Steel tip:Nickel/Steel tips are a pretty extreme choice. This is because these are the extreme values for Nickel and Steel and absolutely must be used by a professional player. Interestingly enough, these tips are only approved for use in student instruments so teachers aren’t allowed to pick and choose which tips they want for their students. The sound produced by these types of tips is very bright and crisp. This is great for professionals who are looking for a bright and crisp tone. The drawback to this tip is the increased weight. These players find these tips to be too much to handle and too large for some genres of music. I have found the best results using the smaller tips of these players.

You will often find that the best players for student violins are those who use these tips but also have great bleed over ability. This is great news for those new violinists who do not know how to make music yet. I would recommend looking into these players as a way to make sure that they are able to produce nice sounds and tones on their instrument. Remember that practice makes perfect. You are also going to want to make sure that you invest in some quality stringing and tuning tools so that your instrument will stay in tune as its played. Lastly, look into a shoulder rest if you need it to help support your violin.

If you are looking into learning how to play the violin, I would recommend interested in the instructional violin books fromRiver ValleyViolin Outreach. You can also interested in the various online videos that are out there that can help you learn the violin. I am impressed with most of the instructors that are out there and I think you would also be impressed with the amount of practice that is within any given individual.