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Slot Machine Myths – RNG vs Entraction

You can see the majority of slot machine myths through simple logic. These myths are an accepted part of the industry, and rarely get changed. Whether you like the old classicFive Card DraworCrapsans or the newer Microgaming video slots, nearly everyone that finds that they enjoy gambling on slot machines has at one time or another heard a slot machine myth or two and while recognizing the facts, don’t believe them.

The amount of money you make is not based on the actual odds of hitting the jackpot. Instead, the accurate odds are 29:1, and this is always true as long as the machine is operating. While Microgaming and RTG (Real Time Gaming) have extended the average life of the machines, the actual odds of hitting a payout remain the same.

You can actually turn the odds in your favor with the right strategy.

For one, you must know the statistical probabilities of hitting the jackpot. Playing a Jackpot version of the game while counting cards is a quick way to multiply your earnings, but you will have to remember that this is not really a smart strategy for playing blackjack. It is perfectly legal, but still not really smart bank betting. It is highly unlikely that the casino will let you gamble with cards in hand if it can get away with it.

While you can still make money off of shuffle hits, there is a better strategy you can use to increase your odds of winning. During the initial few spins of a video slot machine, you should leave your bet and credits on the machine. Once the jackpot is formed, you should then switch to taking out your winnings and credits. This gives you a better chance of getting the money back that you have spent to win it. It also makes you play longer, which is positive.

The only time you should take out your winnings is when the jackpot is high. At these points, you have a better chance of getting the payout without taking your chances. Don’t expect to win 4 times the jackpot in the first few spins. You might, but it is still far away. The best times to take out your winnings is when the jackpot is at 50-100 or more.

What to do? If you are a player that takes out your winnings to gamble with again, you are making a big mistake. Unless you have an extremely high bankroll, drop out of the game before you spend more than you can afford to lose.

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A lot of players also find that if they are on a count, their winning combinations will be more frequent. While the probability remains the same as with slot play, you will see a big difference in the payouts when you are following a trend. Stick with the basic and you will be fine. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have a huge sum to spend; you are in Vegas, after all!

Loose Machines

There are many stories of people going broke with slots because they become addicted to these machines. Don’t be like those people! If you can avoid the budget-stretching habits that can cause such problems, you will likely find that you win much more money at slot machines than you lose.

It’s Legal

Of all the things that you might not be aware of that can cause a devastating gambling addiction, it’s also worth noting that it’s legal. No law that has ever been passed that prohibits slot machines from operating in a casino. Instead, these machines are probably being used more than ever in Vegas today, with gamers taking more advantage of the perks-per-use that the city continues to provide.

The recording of QQdewa machine sounds is not illegal, nor is there any reason that these sounds cannot be heard. What you can be assured of is that the people who make these sounds are definitely conscious of the effect that they have on players. Most slot machines nowadays have a microprocessor that tracks the payouts. This chip is connected to a bank of computer chips and this is how the casino can make a profit.*For editors: this compound term means the accumulated effect of many small payouts.


It’s interesting to note that the concept of intuition has continued to hold air. Recent winners of the UK lottery draw were said to have been struck by this phenomenon. So, could this actually be a talent that all humans should try to develop? So, if you happen to feel like a kangaroo and also like Lady Luck, you might want to check out the concept of kangaroo play from The Gorilla Group.

Learning the basics of kangaroo play from The Gorilla Group will give you a clear roadmap on how to play the slots. You will notice that there are several loose slot machines in a row, which are then followed by a series of other less interesting machines.