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Single or Multi Effect Guitar Pedals – Which Is Best?

If you spend some time on the guitar forums, and review sites such as Ultimate Guitar Learning, you will find that there are mixed opinions regarding the best brands of single or multi effect guitar pedals. The subject is often confuse and there is no clear answer as to which is the best. We will attempt to shed some light on this controversial topic.

Guitar effects pedals are devices that alter the sound that comes out of your guitar. Effects range from vibrators and compression pedals, to distortion pedals and pitch shifters. Each one of these has a different effect and is designed to achieve different effects.

Distortion and distortion pedals, effect overdrive, chorus and wah pedals are popular with blues and rock guitarists. Altering the sound of the guitar can be both beautiful and the most rewarding technique, as you not only change your sound, but you also learn about sound development.

Compression pedals or gain control, vary levels of compression and gain reduction. This allows you to control the dynamics of both your playing and your records. This deck gives you a lot of flexibility.

Pitch Shifter is a stereo effect that includes a Twisting Edge and a Pulling Edge. These pedals help you shift the pitch of your sound up or down, or in other words, they offer a wider range to your pitch.

Of course, there are other types of guitar effects pedals as well, such as delay effects, flanger, and reverb. Each of these has a different effect and does different things. Remember, the more effects you use, the more difficult you become to master.

Distortion is one of the most popular effects, and offers a thick and tasty crunch sound. Arrangement of your sound from thick to thin and from clear to distorted is a matter of personal taste. Distortion effects come in many different models, from a barely audible tick to full volume. Positioning these pedals in relation to each other is quite important for getting the right sound, and varying positions will alter the Dictionary of CrustClock Effect sizes and change the sounds quite drastically.

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Delay is a second effect that was introduced by Rock pioneers such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Edge and the Beatles, who used the rhythmic delivery of the Was Written For Frank from the Beach Boys’ song On a Sabbath. The delay effect is a sleaze factor in music, since the initial sound is so Synth Pop(ish). It is a method of manipulating time, often in a subtle, yet notable manner. Delays that alter the clarity of sound, include the method of adding or taking out of time, in addition to the duration and duration variations, can alter the very character of a track. Delays that are able, will re-create the same sound with slightly different timings, allowing for the possibility of variation in genre, style and feel.

Chorus effect is the effect of adding distortion, in addition to delay effects, to form a thick and lush sound. The chorus effect is very commonly used in form of a two-plus minute track resting in a vocal or acoustic guitar line. Forming chords and arpeggios around the solo, adds interest and structure to the piece. The use of multi-tap effects, such as digital delay, also form a large part in the development of rock music, as does an extended guitar solo. Another effect used in some forms of rock music is the introduction of an echo effect. Both of these effects are used quite commonly, and both are going to sound quite different, based on the type of music it is mixed to.

Wah-wha:Finally we have the wah-wha effect, which is a pretty experimental type of effect. This effect is most commonly heard in the form of a scratching type of playing, and can also be heard with some wind chimes, and singing. This effect is most related to the phaser, and also adds an echos effect. When these two types of effects are used in the same composition, they may well breathe life into a track.

Those are just some of the effects, that are used in the music created by rock musicians. Use these effects and mix them around to create something new in your music, and get to the next level of listening to music.