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Poker in the USA?

With the recent passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the US, there seems to be a blanket ban on financial institutions in the US from processing transactions for online gambling activities. Some say that this is a government over-reach, while others say it is just modest hedge against online gambling activity.

What has this all been, and will it affect the ability of 7Meter players in the US to play their favorite game?

First, the bill did not really identify the activity as illegal. It only made it illegal for banks to transfer money to organizations that would then transfer the money to gamers.Harrah’s, one of the large online gambling companies in the US, has decided to pull out of the US market, so this is pretty much a ban on the US online gambling sites, and Americans can still play online at the large number of poker sites still available.

The bill had some teeth to it, making it illegal for financial institutions to transfer money to these gambling companies. But there was still a lot of wiggle room for the financial institutions. They could have simply turned the transaction to a draft, and then blocked any transactions from going through.

The financial institutions knew that no one was going to get arrested or have their money seized, so they couldn’t really avoid being involved. Harrah’s poker withdrawal problems were caused not by the UIGEA, but from the widespread frustration of the public that many people were not informed of such laws.

The UIGEA had prohibited online gambling transactions, but not the gamblers themselves. The large sportsbooks who accommodated the large number of gamblers who had canceled their accounts found out that they could still be involved in online gambling transactions, and had to move out of the US altogether.

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