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Learn How to Play the Guitar For a Hobby

Okay, you say “it just takes to long to learn to play”. Now what you don’t realize is that learning can be as much fun as playing. Actually, learning can be more fun. If you can find someone that lives close to you and is interested in learning to play, then it becomes more fun. I remember when I lived in Port Arthur Texas; there were a lot of old style country musicians there and they played all the time in the saloon or whatever they called it. I liked to hear them because I like old time music and this was a big event for them. You would hear the latest songs on the jukebox and then go to the bar or whatever and have a couple of beers. Sometimes they would do a little dance step that included the whole band.

When I went to the library to look up some blue jays music, I found a bunch of songs that they could choose from. Some of them were awful. Some of them were beautiful. Some of them had a catchy tune that would go with any time. Here are some of the guidelines that I followed when I was looking at the songs,

  • Be critical, not just super critical of what it is that you hear but extra critical of how it’s performed. Sometimes you’d hear of a group and they’d have talent, but when you hear them performed, you just have to laugh. How they hold the notes, the phrasing, the rhythm. All of those things matter in a performance, but when you hear them, you’re just astounded at how bad some of these things really are.
  • Always expect the worst. I always do. The worst thing you ever say in public. Shouting them out loud is not the best thing to do, though sometimes it’s necessary.
  • Watch them very carefully to see if they’re having fun. Because if they’re having fun, then they’re having a good time and you’re hearing some good music.
  • If you really like them and they’re making you laugh, then maybe you’d want to pick them up and listen to them some more, because they’re a special brand of evil.
  • Also, if you hear them and you don’t feel very comfortable in your space, don’t make eye contact because…well…you know.
  • Also, if you are a woman, don’t wear things that will show off your body unless you want a guy to pick you up and throw you down.
  • Also, don’t weird your hair too much. Your stylist will know what you’re talking about.
  • To ladies: don’t scream. Your friends will hear that and won’t be too happy.
  • Guys: don’t pick your nose. It’s embarrassing.
  • Bring a water bottle along if you need to. They drink a lot.
  • There are places that have folding chairs and they’re called comfy chairs. Go to them and ask them if they have any.
  • If you’re with a group, make sure that you all know how to get there before you go. You have to pay for the gas.
  • Make sure that you all known each other before you go. If you all have the same taste in music, you’ll have a hard time coming up with different tunes.
  • If you’re traveling by plane, make sure your checked bag has everything. I recommend that you have change of clothes and band merchandise as well. On the road, the novelty of things can wear off.
  • I would recommend having a pad and a pencil, but a book is fine too.
  • Have the tempo written out if you’re going to play it. You’ll need to be able to time it if you don’t have it memorized.
  • Make sure that you practice, practice, practice. You’ll want to be there for the whole hour. (There are no ‘time off’ breaks in an audible sense.)
  • Learn your sequencer well. Too many players don’t know about this. They assume that they can make it on their own. They don’t have the right tools.
  • Also, your metronome should be different than your clock – it’s going to beep and click and never stop, ever.

If you can afford a metronome, you should. You’ll live with it for years and never break the habit.

  • Have a teacher. Ask around and find a teacher you like, and go see them this way. Also, talk to other players and ask them what they recommend.
  • Listen to other people, don’t just play things to yourself. If you play it the same way you hear it, you’ll play badly, because you’re not hearing and playing with the context of real musicians.

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How to Experiment With New Music

In the throws of the music business, it can be a wonderful place where many bright and shiny stars emerge. Yet, the journey of a LP record artist can be among the most arduous musical endeavours. There are a lot of clear-cut rules as to what makes an artist a success and what he should accept and do. Yet, all these rules are broken from time to time, through the Right experiences. Belong to the club or go to the bar? Take a stab at it. Play your first song for a direct appeal to the crowd? Well, you better think twice now. In short, it’s natural to want to experiment with the new music, to bend it, mold it and improve it. And this is how musicians do it.

Consider the band, say, ‘Yes A Company’. This might be the start of something big. Take into consideration the band, the album and the singles from the album. Did the songs work as a whole and are the different tracks worth listening to? After the album, did the singles find their way into the radio and into the public? Did the fans respond to the songs and ‘crossover’ into wider markets?

Or, in the opposite case, might the single, a track or a CD mp3 just be the latest trend and not the last word in sales? Thirdly, you have to consider whether you are catering to a specific market.

And the fourth thing is one that is probably the most overlooked yet integral element of all. Marketing.

David Chaikin (writing)Tools To Speed Up The ProcessI’m sure we’ve all been guilty to artists that don’t write their singles and songs from the heart, simply because they’re in the process of creating something and just waiting for the moment to take it to the next level and let the world know. timing is everything and so is this simple yet critical step.

David Chaikin (co-founder) of Simple Minds downloads a record engine from, which is a service that turns your iTunes into a downloading service for Windows Media. This kills two birds with one stone, because it means if people like your music, they’ll be able to buy your album. And what’s more, it’s free. And it’s exactly what you’ll need to make your music dreams come true. A new trail mix from the song pen of David Chaikin and the trail mix for mixing by me using the amazing technology of Audio Studio Technology.

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Voices. I have used my own little laptop to mix my files and upload them through Free. And it is exactly that, free. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a hefty bit of cash involved. There’s always the chance that I may find gigs that I won’t be able to otherwise, which is always worth another look.

Next? Well, to start off, I’ll be using my mp3. And while there are many mp3 services out there, my personal favorite is Amazon MP3. They always have my favorite songs, alphabetically ordered, for i.e. Genesis,tube etc. I can give you the exact details of how i use them, but i won’t just say, download promos. You have to go there. I’ll tell you where i store my music.

AmazonMP3.comhas got my favorite downloadable free music, of course, and they also have software that changes your ipod’s audio format to MP3, making your ipod sound way better.

Yahoo MusicNow Yahoo’s got a cool service where you can buy music. But what’s cool is that they also got iLike, which is a social music site where you can save your favorite artists, and they have a cool tool that makes your ipod’s screen brighter. It really is an amazing thing to have.

eMusic.comNow this is where you really get your first hand at the incredible opportunity to purchase and download Britney Spears’ albums, as well as her singles, and other downloadable music from more than 15 million musicians. There are other downloadable music sources too, of course, but these are the ones that so far appear to be the most cutting edge, and i wouldn’t know about any other services, as they’re still comparatively new. Next on the list would be Rhapsody. I’m not one to give in on Rhapsody, but from everything I’ve read, it seems that they really want to be the player that comes in second place, behind Napster. That really bother me, but who knows. If they can do it, so can we!

Beginning Piano Lessons Are Not Difficult After All

If you are interested in learning how to play the piano so well to the point that you become an expert in the matter, then beware that you might encounter some difficulty when starting your lessons. This is mainly because the piano is one of the most complicated instruments to master. However, you can proceed with caution and be on the way to learning the piano with ease.

Basically, there are two approaches to consider – namely, getting professional help from a professional piano teacher, and teaching yourself. This will work for those who are musically inclined and want to learn how to play the instrument.

The big drawback of this option is that you will need to spend a lot as this can be quite expensive and the time it takes for you to master the instrument. On the other hand, the online lessons that you can download will only cost you a fraction of your budget. The amount of time that you can save will be whatever contribution you can make with these lessons.

With the help of these programs, which are very easy to understand, you can master the instrument in a very short time and can even proceed to the next level. Moreover, you can even proceed with the easy lessons from the start.

The benefits of these programs are many. The first benefit is that it will enable you to learn the piano at your own pace and at your own time. The time you spend is in the span of a few minutes rather than a couple of hours.

Majority of these piano lessons that can be downloaded online are geared towards the beginners. This means that you will be taught with the basics such as the parts of the piano; notes, staff and piano keys. To reach the higher levels, you will be introduced with chords and their requirements. There are also separate lessons for each of the genres – such as classical, pop music and jazz. The lessons are consistently updated with the latest methods.

It is easy to follow these lessons and the flow of the lessons will be consistent. You will understand the music theory in the process and the instructions will be made easy for you. These lessons will also teach you about the musical notes and staff. Once you have learnt with the piano, you will realize how fast and convenient it is to be able to play and create music on your own.

Before you begin with the lessons, you will need to purchase your own piano. This is for two reasons – firstly so that you can locate the manual and secondly to avoid any damage to your piano from undesirable physical movements. You might want to check on the prices of various piano brands and models so that you can compare the two sides of the bargain.

Of course, it is very necessary to sympathy and accept the types and genres that you would like to play. The styles and types of music that are played on the piano will be different depending on these artists and so by way of playing the same types of songs, it will be easiest to select a manual for one and other that is for the other.

Two popular styles of piano that you can start with are classical and pop. If you wish to play classical pieces, it is better to opt for a piano that has been refined and is used in concert halls. They are costly and take a lot of maintenance. When you are done with this, you can opt to the pop styles which are more suitable for play in the bathroom.

Here are some piano brands that you can consider:

  • Suzuki
  • Baldwin
  • Sons Emerson
  • Leblanc
  • alfaco
  • Goodall
  • wrecked
  • Schimmel
  • arts
  • Sinor
  • Bechstein
  • Fischer
  • Cassio
  • stallion
  • Remington
  • Bay
  • Grancini
  • Telemann
  • Yamaha
  • Kurzweil
  • Versal
  • Schimmel

There are a number of musical genres that the piano can liven up. These include jazz, New Age, blues, ballads, and even rock and roll. When you are starting out, it is best to keep things simple. That is why it is important to invest in the right piano for your needs. Do not think that you have to pay top dollar for an instrument when it is not necessary. You can always find a good used piano in the right price range, and even purchase a brand new piano when the time is right.

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It is important to review the write reviews of different musical instruments and make sure that you pick a musical instrument that will be suitable for you. Do not fall for the temptation to buy the most expensive one, as a used piano can be just as good as a new one if it gets Experienced!

Piano buying tip: It is important to thoroughly check out as many piano reviews as you can. You can use these reviews as a guide to what kind of pianos are recommended by various people. This will help you to make sure that you get the right piano for your needs.

A Violinist’s Guide to Choosing Lipos

Having a large sound bank is one of the most important features to a violinist’s repertoire. Thus, choosing a good lipo can help a musician expand their musical repertoire and bring a new level of Lipizzation to their repertoire. In this article, we will be reviewing three of the most popular brands of Lipos. Each of these brands has a unique Lipos formula, construction and overall quality that may or may not fit into the various student Lipos (as well as the intermediate and advanced player’s Lipos) that are currently available on the market. Each of these brands of Lipos are also categorized by their size.

First off, it is important to understand that the larger size Lipos (either for smaller or larger students) come in three different types of sizes. The sizes are Full Size Violin, which is where a student would find a 5/8th size student violin; Smaller violins that are between 1/4 and 5/16 of an inch; and Export size violins that are made larger than Full or Smaller size violins but are small enough to fit into student sizes.

It is highly recommended that the younger players have Nickel-plated standard tips and that the entire tip of the violin be made and polished with violin rosin. These thoughts are based on my personal experiences with playing and deciding on which lipos are the right fit for me as well as some of my own personal recommendations.

Nickel-plated standard tip:In my experience, the nickel-plated tip has a very subtle but great enhancement to the sound. I have tried players that only had the tips grayed or very dark because of the pure nickel that may or may not even be pure nickel but could just be Lightning Dust or other nickel-plated metal. I can say that the sound is greatly enhanced and the most important ingredient for a great tip is the amount of Steel. These players usually have very Writers set and they vary the difficulties level of the violin and add or take away parts of the music. This is my opinion as a teacher and if you are not ready to play the violin Nickel-plated tip may be a great choice.

Chrome tips:Chrome tips on the other hand are more for the metal type players who rock out on the violin. These are more aggressive looking with the entire tip being made up of Chrome. The sound that this choice produces is very good, but again if you are not a professional player I would recommend someone who knows what they are doing to apply Nickel to the tip.

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Nickel/ Steel tip:Nickel/Steel tips are a pretty extreme choice. This is because these are the extreme values for Nickel and Steel and absolutely must be used by a professional player. Interestingly enough, these tips are only approved for use in student instruments so teachers aren’t allowed to pick and choose which tips they want for their students. The sound produced by these types of tips is very bright and crisp. This is great for professionals who are looking for a bright and crisp tone. The drawback to this tip is the increased weight. These players find these tips to be too much to handle and too large for some genres of music. I have found the best results using the smaller tips of these players.

You will often find that the best players for student violins are those who use these tips but also have great bleed over ability. This is great news for those new violinists who do not know how to make music yet. I would recommend looking into these players as a way to make sure that they are able to produce nice sounds and tones on their instrument. Remember that practice makes perfect. You are also going to want to make sure that you invest in some quality stringing and tuning tools so that your instrument will stay in tune as its played. Lastly, look into a shoulder rest if you need it to help support your violin.

If you are looking into learning how to play the violin, I would recommend interested in the instructional violin books fromRiver ValleyViolin Outreach. You can also interested in the various online videos that are out there that can help you learn the violin. I am impressed with most of the instructors that are out there and I think you would also be impressed with the amount of practice that is within any given individual.

Learn Electric Guitar Online Free

When you want to learn electric guitar online free course material is available plenty. Just Google the phrase “learn electric guitar online free” and hundreds of web sites will pop up. The thing you want to look for is the substance. You don’t want to just find a few web sites that say the magic words. What you want is material that will help you actually learn electric guitar online.

The good news is that the web is filled with free material. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in “learn electric guitar online free”, this will bring up thousands of web sites. You do not need to pay a dime for any of these sites. Just ensure that you click on the sites that are genuine and free. Once you have done that click on the items that interest you. From there you can choose items that you can pay for later or ones that are free.

Don’t pay for the first few items you see, because you are simply looking for the web sites that will actually teach you electric guitar online. If you are looking for a free online guitar lesson don’t be fooled by the extra free stuff. From the first page of search you should see a split screen of two vertical lines. This signals the beginning of your online guitar lesson.

On the left part of the page you will see letters S and R. S stands for Skip forward and R stands for Skip backwards. If you want to use these skip forward and backward letters in a search on your own you can do it. You will see letters like F and C. These stand for Focus and background.

To help you find the focus of your guitar lessons you will need to take the letters F and C and place them next to a diagram of a guitar. This will show you that you need to finger the second fret on the top string. Once you have done this move on to the third fret and so on.

You should start with your second finger on the fourth fret of the top string. By the way, this is the exact same location on the fret board that your second finger is on. With the letter F on the second fret your finger is now on the fourth fret. Make sure that you do this through out the first four frets.

What this shows you is that you should place your second finger on the F key and your third finger on the C key or whatever key you are using. At this point you should recognize that you do not have to move your entire finger up and down the fret board.

Before you practice moving your fingers you will need to get used to the feeling of having one finger on each fret. Practice having one finger on each fret, but be sure that you keep your hand very relaxed. Generally do not allow any other finger to touch the fret board.

This makes it easier to remove your fingers when you are strumming. If your fingers get all tangled up, then you will have a problem that requires some professional help.

Things You Must Note When Learning To Play Electric Guitar

As you learn more on how to play electric guitar, you will learn more about all the special symbols and anything else that shows up on a frequency. With some of the symbols you will be showing your age, so it is important that you know what they mean.

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The different symbols have different meanings. Sometimes a symbol is referred to as a “turnaround”, which means that you make a little turn with the direction of your fingers. Another symbol is an ” erect”, which means that the finger is stuck straight up. Sometimes it is necessary to have the tip of your finger out, and sometimes you need to flatten the end. You will learn all about pennies next. Musical symbols are often hidden, and can be found on a guitar.

Learning to play electric guitar in the beginning can be tricky. As you learn more and more about how to play electric guitar, you will be able to guess more and more about the symbols that show up on the frets of your guitar. The ones you will start to understand will be the more straightforward questions, such as the use of a “Z” on a guitar and why singers sometimes use a slight arch in front of vowels.

Having a clear understanding of these symbols and the way that you use them will be key to learning to play electric guitar and becoming a good player. Do not leave out the bunch of practise time and the mental agility vital for learning to improvise, and memorizing solos and improvisation. These skills are the ones that will ensure you have a killer sound at the end of your journey.

How to Sing High Notes – Taking An Unconventional Path Toward Success

There are countless people all over the planet who wish to learn how to sing high notes, but very few of them actually take a unconventional path to achieve their goal. The most popular method of learning to hit high notes is to enroll in voice lessons. voice lessons are aimed primarily at teenagers and young adults, so you need to be careful if you are planning to take voice lessons.Because voice lessons are aimed at a certain age group, you need to worry about how long your child or grandchild will be around for. Consequently, you need to take into consideration whether or not your child or grandchild would be interested in taking lessons if you are planning on taking them. Obviously, if you are or your grandchild are planning to take voice lessons, you need to find out a suitable tutor who will teach them how to sing high notes.

Get To Know Your Vocal Coach

You may or may not know that there are different types of vocal coaches. The most ideal situation would be for you to be in charge of your own voice lessons, but if that is not feasible then there are a number of other factors to take into account.Ultimately, you need to determine if you or your child would be comfortable with a specific type of vocal coach. For instance, if you or your grandchild would be comfortable with a acid rock or a country or soul singer then you should find that singer for your lessons.

Asking Your Vocal Coach

You need to make some inquiries before you meet with your voice coach so that you make a well-informed decision. Of course, you need to find out if they charge and what kind of lessons they will give you. This is somewhat tricky because you will be instructing yourself. However, you may ask your coach about the cost and the length of each lesson.

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Of course, you need to include in your mind the time frame in which you need to reach a certain goal. For instance, if you are a 16-year-old girl, you will not be at an age where you should be receiving complex instructions. On the other hand, if you are a 28-year-old, you need to have a full grasp of the basics, especially if you are aspiring to sing famous songs.

• If you need to be informed, then you should ask your teacher at your voice lessons about the right time to bring up the subject.

• Similarly, be specific about the type of music that you wish to sing.

• You will ask your tutor about vocalization exercises.

• Make sure that you do not reveal your identity while your voice teacher is giving you the information.

• Keep in mind that you should not pay your voice teacher with cash, carry your voice teacher some business cards, and ask for references.

• Your tutor will provide you with information about joining a band, joining a choir, or becoming a professional singer.

• Be grateful for the person who is calling to check on your progress. You may be your own voice teacher!

• Your lessons will end with you having to sing a gospel song. After that, you will be given a small gift of some kind. It may be a business card, but essentially it will be a form of payment for your lessons.

• You can “test-drive” yourself by requesting a certain amount of lessons from your voice teacher. If you are not able to keep up with the lessons, you will not be able to proceed with lessons from that time forward.

• If you are not comfortable with a particular professional, you should be honest about your situation. It is best to tell them exactly what you are experiencing.

• You can ask about program additions or modifications. Make sure that you know what the fees are before you commit to continue with the program.

• Make sure that you give credit card billing instructions. If your card company is cautious that your card number may be linked to a high number of purchases, they may want to hear from you before you try to spend a lot of money.

• Finally, make sure that you have the right price cap for the program. Some people do not seem to care how much they charge for voice lessons. However, it is important that you tell them exactly how much you are willing to pay.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find a great program that will help you sing and bring out your hidden potential as a singer!

How to Play Guitar For Beginners – Which Chords to Learn First

Many people ask “How to play guitar for beginners” and this article will help you answer those questions. There are many beginner guitar chords that you must learn in order to be a competent player. I remember when I first started to learn how to play guitar. I had to learn the hard way that playing guitar does not come easy. The hard way is to practice. The more you practice the better you get. Cliche as it may be but that is how it works.

You must practice the chords with proper posture. This means that you must place your fingers on the right spot over the fret. If you do this correctly you will not have any of those little crampons that are so common.

You must also practice consistently. Perhaps the more important part of this part is the quality of your practice. You must practice accurately. You must also practice frequently. If the quality of your practice is not very good then you will not progress. The more you practice the faster you will master the chords.

You must master the difficult chords. This means that you must be able to switch between the chords smoothly. You must also perfect your hand movements. The more practice that you have the faster you will be mastering the intricacies of guitar playing.

You must learn the complete lesson. You must understand the instructions and tricks to guitar playing. The greatest guitarists are also the most complete musicians. This is because they have learned all the different types of music.

This means that you must also know the different types of chords. You must know the what structure the chords come in. You must also know the what chords progress to. Most people tend to skip the chords that are between the Major chords to save themselves time. The fact is, you should know the chords since you want to play the complete song, rather than play the easy songs.

The easy chords are also referred to as the Major chords, Minor chords and the Seventh chords just to name a few. You may not have to learn all of them, but knowing all of them will greatly help you to be able to understand the chords and music that you are playing.

The Major chords are A, C, D, E, F and G. These are also referred to as CAGED. You can figure that out from the Major scale. CAGED is actually the best way to start your guitar lessons for beginners.

You should also know that when you want to be able to strum a chord you have to press it with your finger and not your pick. You should practice the chords and hand movements for an hour every day. When you are done with your hour of practice time. You should go A (First finger on the 1st fret of the 4th or 5th string) and then G (ring finger on the 6th fret of the 4th or 5th string).

That is the first position in CAGED. Go through the CAGED a few more times and practice changing chords. When you get good at that it time to try extending your fingers holding down the C chord. Try to skip the E and G strings and just keep the 4th and 5th strings. skipping the two strings on top of the C chord.

When you get to barre chords, which is the next step, you will need extensions. This is the second string on top of the chord. When you get this string you have to put your fingers a bit further up on the neck and you will hold down the chord using your pinky finger.

Take that chord and practice keeping it in the CAGED until you get to be able to change smoothly between all positions. After that you should be able to change between all chords in any position on the neck of the guitar.

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Schords will allow you to play songs from just knowing a few chords. Learn to change between these chords and you will begin to find that many of your songs are beginning to sound like songs you have heard before. Take the chords you have learned and start to practice using them. You may find that chords become easier to change between than you have thought.

Practice is the key to becoming a good musician. No musician can learn everything on their own. Just like people who start athletes early in their livesweights they need coaching just as much as coaches who lift weights need instruction.

Whether it is an activity like sports or music it is good to keep the instruction fun and engaging. Some people need to be in a studio or reading a book to be able to absorb what is being taught, yet when it comes to learning to play the guitar there is no better way to learn than from someone showing you exactly what to do.

Attering about learning to play the guitar or any other instrument is that little voice that grows in your own accord.

How to Find Beginning Guitar Lessons

If you have always wanted to learn to play the guitar but are not sure where you start, you can easily get beginning guitar lessons online. There are ways you can take lessons right from home and they are much more affordable. You do not have to go to a specific location and you can take lessons in the comfort of your own home.

A lot of beginning guitarists go to a music shop to take lessons. They typically cannot afford to pay monthly fees for a private lesson so they take the lessons at home. If you want to take lessons and really want to learn, you may want to consider the beginning guitar lessons that are available on the Internet.

If you want to learn to play the guitar, you need to begin with easy to play guitar chords. Beginner guitar lessons will basically be a description of the different chords. You will play different chords in different positions. An easy guitar tab staff has six lines which represent the six strings on the guitar. The bottom line is the lowest line and the top line is the highest line. This is a representation of the fret board.

Online guitar lessons are a lot cheaper than taking private lessons. You can get a lot of beginner guitar lessons for a small price. These lessons will take you from beginner to intermediate where advanced techniques and tabs will be taught.

One of the problems with private lessons is that it is very expensive. You can take a lesson once a week for a half hour. The lessons will cost you about $150 for a months worth of lessons. What if you do not want to continue? You can always go back and take a lesson whenever you are ready.

If you are not ready to continue learning and you already have a guitar, you can simply go online and find good beginning guitar lessons for cheap. You will learn everything you need to go from beginner to intermediate with these courses costing less than the cost of a few private lessons. You will get more value for your money by taking lessons from the beginning.

One of the first things you will learn in beginning guitar lessons is how to press down the strings and use your fingers. Without knowing this, you will find it difficult to master the guitar. One of the main things you want to learn is guitar chords. The foundation of most songs is chords. You will be able to play along with thousands of songs when you learn the chords. One of the best ways to get beginner guitar lessons is to watch instructional videos.

There are many online video tutorials that can show you how to play. The good thing about video tutorials is that you can pause the instructor while you take note of what he or she is doing. You can even rewind the videos over and over if you missed something. You will be able to practice these lessons until you have mastered them. You can practice as many times as you want until you get it right. It is an excellent way to learn guitar.

You will be able to master the guitar if you practice every day. Learning to play the guitar should be fun. You can find many courses that offer guitar lessons for beginners. This will allow you to learn the basics. You should be able to play a song on your own in a matter of weeks. Once you master the fundamentals, you can look at song books to play your favorite songs.

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Beginners guitar lessons will include information about how to string and tune your guitar. You will also learn the use of a pick and how to keep and tune your instrument. One thing you will learn from beginning guitar lessons is how to stretch your fingers to make chords. This will become second nature as you continue learning.

There are many ways to learn the guitar. You can take lessons from a teacher in your local neighborhood. You can find an instructor willing to come to your home and offer guitar lessons. You can find online lessons offered by sites on the internet. There are also eBooks that you can learn from.

If you do not want to have to take a public bus to your guitar lessons, or if you do not want to have to sit on a crowded bus for the next two hours, consider the use of an Online Course. You will have total freedom to choose where and when you practice. You can set up your own hours and practice sessions. These programs are very convenient.

One of the best ways to learn the guitar is using interactive online courses. You will have videos and sound files to help you along. You will follow along the lessons with you active in the course. These courses are very lively, and well produced. You will surely not regret taking guitar lessons from a site online.

How To Get Your Music Discovered By Record Labels

How to get discovered by record labels is still a difficult process to master, but the opportunities available today are far greater than any that have come before. In the old days of getting in front of the top dogs, you had to develop a niche. That niche would have to include some combination of your songwriting, vocal abilities, a fresh face and a different album (to get noticed). These days, however, songwriters and singers can find their niche in a few specific areas. Those areas include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and beats productivity software. Let’s take a look at each area.

Social Media

People are aware of social media. Many people post in social media groups hoping to be discovered, even if they have no skill in graphic design or aren’t great at writing. A lot of times, however, people post topics and links to their work that they hope will attract the attention of record labels. That said, social media is one of the best ways to build relationships with your audience. Understanding the different groups will help you to build a network that will bring you brand recognition in the form of fan base, which will in turn bring down the cost of engaging in social media advertising.

Back in the day, record labels would hang on to the talent that they develop rather than wanting to market it. Now, however, they are all out on the search for great artists, and through social media, you can become more widely known which will in turn bring down the cost of engaging in social media advertising.


Myspace is a cool place to get noticed, but because it is so inexpensive to advertise on, you can get more exposure than you would through normal marketing. This is especially helpful if your only plan is to build a fan base.

While you need to be careful about how you choose to go about getting exposure, you can take a more proactive approach.

Your Myspace Page is your portal for letting people know where you are and what you do. As such, it is a great place to let people know which tracks you’re playing and which videos you have available. Apart from the free exposure, you will likely gain some money from your Myspace activities. It may not be much, but it will be time well spent.


The Perks of Having A Twitter Page. Once you have decided to use Twitter for promoting your music, setting up a page is a relatively simple process. Once you have imported your page, you can join several related groups, find out about trends in the music industry, and keep track of your popularity.

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The great thing about Twitter is that it is easy to manage. Of course, it would be a good idea to learn the Twitter terminology and how to best utilise the channel. But once you get the hang of it, it will be fun and simple to manage.


With YouTube, you have the luxury of reaching a massive group of music fans and shaping them in your image. You can search by genre and get an idea of what works within your style. All of these are free and easy to do.

Similar to Perks, it is easy to manage your channel and post externally. However, posting internally does give you more creative control over your music videos. It also costs nothing to add external links back to your channel once you’ve posted them internally.

Converting Your Downloads Into Downloads

So, once you have your music videos online, how do you get them downloads? Well, there are quite a few places.

The iTunes Store

This is one of the best places to submit your music videos. iTunes Store can be complicated to deal with, but its determination to market your music videos can be admirable. Once you’ve purchased your music video, it will likely end up there for sale. The cost is relatively low. If you are ready to market on iTunes, it seems worthwhile to spend a bit of money on iTunes Store distribution.

Using Your Fans

Another method is to contact your fans, introduce yourself, and ask for some participation. This entails asking for permission to post the videos outside of iTunes Store. This will work if you can find fans that are interested in having videos. It is easy to find on the web. If you are able to create viral videos that spread outside of the iTunes Store, it may be a smart choice to explore the possibilities of selling videos to third party products such as Facebook or mobile apps.

None of These Areiculties

All of these use the same set of marketing steps. It is important that you remember them all, because that is the strategy you will employ for your project. But knowing what you must do gives you a head start. Once you have established your strategy, make sure you all work well together.

Lakukan Cara Ini Agar Hubungan Anda Menjadi Lebih Romantis

Setiap orang tentunya mengharapkan hubungan asmara dengan pasangan dapat utuh dan bertahan selamanya. Banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan untuk mempertahankan hubungan agar tetap utuh, salah satunya adalah selalu romantis. Dengan sikap romantis maka akan menjadikan hubungan terasa nyaman, tentram dan saling percaya bahwa Anda memilih pasangan yang tepat.

Cara Bersikap Romantis Terhadap Pasangan

Berbicara mengenai hubungan romantis, nyatanya masih saja yang belum bisa bagaimana bersikap manis dan membuat pasangan menjadi bahagia. Nah, bagi Anda yang mungkin masih bingung bagaimana cara bersikap romantis terhadap pasangan, berikut ini beberapa cara untuk membuat hubungan Anda menjadi lebih romantis.

  1. Tunjukkan perhatian

Setiap orang pasti akan merasa bahagia saat mendapatkan perhatian terlebih dari pasangannya. Bentuk rasa peduli lewat perhatian ini membuat pasangan Anda merasa dibutuhkan dan dipedulikan sehingga dapat berbuah romantis. Bagi Anda yang selama ini masih jarang menunjukkan rasa peduli Anda, maka mulai sekarang mulailah untuk menunjukkan perhatian dimulai dari hal kecil.

Anda bisa membangunkannya dengan nada yang manis, menyiapkan sarapan, makan bersama, menyuapi dan hal-hal kecil yang membuat pasangan Anda menjadi lebih berarti. Jika sudah demikian, Anda akan dianggap sebagai pasangan yang romantis dan pasangan Anda akan merasa beruntung telah memilih Anda untuk menemani hidupnya.

  1. Ungkapan rasa cinta dengan penuh ketulusan

Cara bersikap romantis selanjutnya adalah dengan mengungkapkan perasaan cinta Anda kepada pasangan dengan tulus. Ungkapan cinta ini akan membuat pasangan Anda menjadi luluh dan terasa seperti membangun kembali tumbuhnya cinta Anda dahulu. Sikap ini juga menAndakan bahwa Anda dan pasangan memiliki rasa cinta kasih yang tidak pernah lekang oleh waktu.

Namun usahakan untuk tidak terlalu sering dalam mengungkapan perasaan cinta karena hal tersebut bisa saja membuat pasangan Anda merasa bosan. Anda dapat mengucapkannya pada momen tertentu misalnya saat anniversary atau hari ulang tahun pasangan Anda. 

  1. Memberi kado atau kejutan

Mungkin Anda dan pasangan memang sudah tidak muda lagi, namun tidak ada salahnya Anda membuat kejutan untuk pasangan Anda agar dia merasa senang. Kejutan tidak harus barang yang mewah, namun hal sederhana yang membuat hatinya merasa dianggap Anda cukup sebagai kejutan yang romantis. Misalnya saat ulang tahun Anda memberikan bunga dan mengajak makan malam di tempat favorit.

  1. Sesekali gombal kepada pasangan 

Tidak ada salahnya jika sesekali Anda mengeluarkan kata gombalan untuk pasangan Anda. Meskipun sedikit aneh, namun gombal kepada pasangan dapat membuat momen yang romantis. Pilihlah kata-kata romantis yang membuat pasangan Anda menjadi tersenyum-senyum sendirian. Banyak wanita yang suka mendapatkan gombalan dari pasangan sehingga hubungan tidak terlalu kaku.

  1. Simpan momen berdua

Cara terakhir untuk membuat hubungan Anda menjadi lebih romantis adalah dengan mengabadikan setiap momen saat berdua dengan pasangan. Anda dapat menyimpannya baik berupa foto maupun video yang bisa Anda jadikan kenang-kenangan dan bisa dilihat kapanpun Anda ingin melihatnya. 

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Bukan hanya momen bahagia saja yang bisa Anda simpan, namun Anda juga bisa menyimpan momen sedih maupun saat bertengkar untuk dilihat kembali agar tidak terulang di masa mendatang.

Itulah beberapa cara bersikap romantis yang dapat membuat hubungan Anda dengan pasangan penuh dengan warna. Yang paling penting adalah bagaimana kita bisa saling terbuka terhadap pasangan, saling menerima, saling memaafkan, saling menjaga dan tetap setia. Memang tidak selamanya sebuah hubungan berjalan dengan manis namun sikap-sikap romantis dapat membantu hubungan kita agar tetap harmonis.