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Learn How to Play the Guitar For a Hobby

Okay, you say “it just takes to long to learn to play”. Now what you don’t realize is that learning can be as much fun as playing. Actually, learning can be more fun. If you can find someone that lives close to you and is interested in learning to play, then it becomes more fun. I remember when I lived in Port Arthur Texas; there were a lot of old style country musicians there and they played all the time in the saloon or whatever they called it. I liked to hear them because I like old time music and this was a big event for them. You would hear the latest songs on the jukebox and then go to the bar or whatever and have a couple of beers. Sometimes they would do a little dance step that included the whole band.

When I went to the library to look up some blue jays music, I found a bunch of songs that they could choose from. Some of them were awful. Some of them were beautiful. Some of them had a catchy tune that would go with any time. Here are some of the guidelines that I followed when I was looking at the songs,

  • Be critical, not just super critical of what it is that you hear but extra critical of how it’s performed. Sometimes you’d hear of a group and they’d have talent, but when you hear them performed, you just have to laugh. How they hold the notes, the phrasing, the rhythm. All of those things matter in a performance, but when you hear them, you’re just astounded at how bad some of these things really are.
  • Always expect the worst. I always do. The worst thing you ever say in public. Shouting them out loud is not the best thing to do, though sometimes it’s necessary.
  • Watch them very carefully to see if they’re having fun. Because if they’re having fun, then they’re having a good time and you’re hearing some good music.
  • If you really like them and they’re making you laugh, then maybe you’d want to pick them up and listen to them some more, because they’re a special brand of evil.
  • Also, if you hear them and you don’t feel very comfortable in your space, don’t make eye contact because…well…you know.
  • Also, if you are a woman, don’t wear things that will show off your body unless you want a guy to pick you up and throw you down.
  • Also, don’t weird your hair too much. Your stylist will know what you’re talking about.
  • To ladies: don’t scream. Your friends will hear that and won’t be too happy.
  • Guys: don’t pick your nose. It’s embarrassing.
  • Bring a water bottle along if you need to. They drink a lot.
  • There are places that have folding chairs and they’re called comfy chairs. Go to them and ask them if they have any.
  • If you’re with a group, make sure that you all know how to get there before you go. You have to pay for the gas.
  • Make sure that you all known each other before you go. If you all have the same taste in music, you’ll have a hard time coming up with different tunes.
  • If you’re traveling by plane, make sure your checked bag has everything. I recommend that you have change of clothes and band merchandise as well. On the road, the novelty of things can wear off.
  • I would recommend having a pad and a pencil, but a book is fine too.
  • Have the tempo written out if you’re going to play it. You’ll need to be able to time it if you don’t have it memorized.
  • Make sure that you practice, practice, practice. You’ll want to be there for the whole hour. (There are no ‘time off’ breaks in an audible sense.)
  • Learn your sequencer well. Too many players don’t know about this. They assume that they can make it on their own. They don’t have the right tools.
  • Also, your metronome should be different than your clock – it’s going to beep and click and never stop, ever.

If you can afford a metronome, you should. You’ll live with it for years and never break the habit.

  • Have a teacher. Ask around and find a teacher you like, and go see them this way. Also, talk to other players and ask them what they recommend.
  • Listen to other people, don’t just play things to yourself. If you play it the same way you hear it, you’ll play badly, because you’re not hearing and playing with the context of real musicians.

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