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How to Play Guitar For Beginners – Which Chords to Learn First

Many people ask “How to play guitar for beginners” and this article will help you answer those questions. There are many beginner guitar chords that you must learn in order to be a competent player. I remember when I first started to learn how to play guitar. I had to learn the hard way that playing guitar does not come easy. The hard way is to practice. The more you practice the better you get. Cliche as it may be but that is how it works.

You must practice the chords with proper posture. This means that you must place your fingers on the right spot over the fret. If you do this correctly you will not have any of those little crampons that are so common.

You must also practice consistently. Perhaps the more important part of this part is the quality of your practice. You must practice accurately. You must also practice frequently. If the quality of your practice is not very good then you will not progress. The more you practice the faster you will master the chords.

You must master the difficult chords. This means that you must be able to switch between the chords smoothly. You must also perfect your hand movements. The more practice that you have the faster you will be mastering the intricacies of guitar playing.

You must learn the complete lesson. You must understand the instructions and tricks to guitar playing. The greatest guitarists are also the most complete musicians. This is because they have learned all the different types of music.

This means that you must also know the different types of chords. You must know the what structure the chords come in. You must also know the what chords progress to. Most people tend to skip the chords that are between the Major chords to save themselves time. The fact is, you should know the chords since you want to play the complete song, rather than play the easy songs.

The easy chords are also referred to as the Major chords, Minor chords and the Seventh chords just to name a few. You may not have to learn all of them, but knowing all of them will greatly help you to be able to understand the chords and music that you are playing.

The Major chords are A, C, D, E, F and G. These are also referred to as CAGED. You can figure that out from the Major scale. CAGED is actually the best way to start your guitar lessons for beginners.

You should also know that when you want to be able to strum a chord you have to press it with your finger and not your pick. You should practice the chords and hand movements for an hour every day. When you are done with your hour of practice time. You should go A (First finger on the 1st fret of the 4th or 5th string) and then G (ring finger on the 6th fret of the 4th or 5th string).

That is the first position in CAGED. Go through the CAGED a few more times and practice changing chords. When you get good at that it time to try extending your fingers holding down the C chord. Try to skip the E and G strings and just keep the 4th and 5th strings. skipping the two strings on top of the C chord.

When you get to barre chords, which is the next step, you will need extensions. This is the second string on top of the chord. When you get this string you have to put your fingers a bit further up on the neck and you will hold down the chord using your pinky finger.

Take that chord and practice keeping it in the CAGED until you get to be able to change smoothly between all positions. After that you should be able to change between all chords in any position on the neck of the guitar.

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Schords will allow you to play songs from just knowing a few chords. Learn to change between these chords and you will begin to find that many of your songs are beginning to sound like songs you have heard before. Take the chords you have learned and start to practice using them. You may find that chords become easier to change between than you have thought.

Practice is the key to becoming a good musician. No musician can learn everything on their own. Just like people who start athletes early in their livesweights they need coaching just as much as coaches who lift weights need instruction.

Whether it is an activity like sports or music it is good to keep the instruction fun and engaging. Some people need to be in a studio or reading a book to be able to absorb what is being taught, yet when it comes to learning to play the guitar there is no better way to learn than from someone showing you exactly what to do.

Attering about learning to play the guitar or any other instrument is that little voice that grows in your own accord.