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How to Experiment With New Music

In the throws of the music business, it can be a wonderful place where many bright and shiny stars emerge. Yet, the journey of a LP record artist can be among the most arduous musical endeavours. There are a lot of clear-cut rules as to what makes an artist a success and what he should accept and do. Yet, all these rules are broken from time to time, through the Right experiences. Belong to the club or go to the bar? Take a stab at it. Play your first song for a direct appeal to the crowd? Well, you better think twice now. In short, it’s natural to want to experiment with the new music, to bend it, mold it and improve it. And this is how musicians do it.

Consider the band, say, ‘Yes A Company’. This might be the start of something big. Take into consideration the band, the album and the singles from the album. Did the songs work as a whole and are the different tracks worth listening to? After the album, did the singles find their way into the radio and into the public? Did the fans respond to the songs and ‘crossover’ into wider markets?

Or, in the opposite case, might the single, a track or a CD mp3 just be the latest trend and not the last word in sales? Thirdly, you have to consider whether you are catering to a specific market.

And the fourth thing is one that is probably the most overlooked yet integral element of all. Marketing.

David Chaikin (writing)Tools To Speed Up The ProcessI’m sure we’ve all been guilty to artists that don’t write their singles and songs from the heart, simply because they’re in the process of creating something and just waiting for the moment to take it to the next level and let the world know. timing is everything and so is this simple yet critical step.

David Chaikin (co-founder) of Simple Minds downloads a record engine from USonic.com, which is a service that turns your iTunes into a downloading service for Windows Media. This kills two birds with one stone, because it means if people like your music, they’ll be able to buy your album. And what’s more, it’s free. And it’s exactly what you’ll need to make your music dreams come true. A new trail mix from the song pen of David Chaikin and the trail mix for mixing by me using the amazing technology of Audio Studio Technology.

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Voices. I have used my own little laptop to mix my files and upload them through USonic.com. Free. And it is exactly that, free. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a hefty bit of cash involved. There’s always the chance that I may find gigs that I won’t be able to otherwise, which is always worth another look.

Next? Well, to start off, I’ll be using my mp3. And while there are many mp3 services out there, my personal favorite is Amazon MP3. They always have my favorite songs, alphabetically ordered, for i.e. Genesis,tube etc. I can give you the exact details of how i use them, but i won’t just say, download promos. You have to go there. I’ll tell you where i store my music.

AmazonMP3.comhas got my favorite downloadable free music, of course, and they also have software that changes your ipod’s audio format to MP3, making your ipod sound way better.

Yahoo MusicNow Yahoo’s got a cool service where you can buy music. But what’s cool is that they also got iLike, which is a social music site where you can save your favorite artists, and they have a cool tool that makes your ipod’s screen brighter. It really is an amazing thing to have.

eMusic.comNow this is where you really get your first hand at the incredible opportunity to purchase and download Britney Spears’ albums, as well as her singles, and other downloadable music from more than 15 million musicians. There are other downloadable music sources too, of course, but these are the ones that so far appear to be the most cutting edge, and i wouldn’t know about any other services, as they’re still comparatively new.

Rhapsody.com Next on the list would be Rhapsody. I’m not one to give in on Rhapsody, but from everything I’ve read, it seems that they really want to be the player that comes in second place, behind Napster. That really bother me, but who knows. If they can do it, so can we!