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Have You Ever Wondered How People Are Able to Come Up With Amazingly Great Songs, Time After Time?

Well, luckily for some, you don’t have to be an extremely experienced music composer to be a good song writer, just look at some of the world’s best song writers of today.

Some of the basic questions that you may have to begin with are do I start with an instrument or with the chords or lyrics? Do I have to ponder the idea for days or just pump out a melody? To tell you the truth there is no one correct way to write a song. It really all boils down to you, the song writer, your creativity and understanding of how to communicate emotions throughout your song in an effective and artistic way. No two writers have the exact same methods or techniques available to them. Some write very fast, while others write slowly. A number of others write from a particular emotion perspective, while others may write from a multimedia perspective.

Chances are if you’re sitting here reading this article then you already have an idea of what you want to accomplish. You may have a general idea of what you want to achieve but you need to expand your idea and start thinking about other solutions to attain your goals.

Go Beyond Your Current Concept

You may have a general idea of what you want to achieve but you need to set it aside because you don’t have enough time to write all of your song ideas out right now. When you do have time to write your song ideas it’s usually not enough time to develop each idea so you may end up with a lot of dead space in between ideas. You may also have a lot of ideas that will not be used because they may be too similar to each other.

A great thing to do is to write in a journal so that you can write down your ideas nicely. You can then take those ideas and specific ones that you want to use to write your song and incorporate them into your journal. When you look back at what you have written, you may find that you have a lot of unfinished ideas.

Unfill Your Vision

If you have a vision of being a great song writer, then you need to consistently go beyond your current stage to get to that next level. You will want to create other song ideas and techniques that will help you reach that vision. The more you achieve your goal the more you will be able to fill in the gaps with more details, ideas and inspiration.

Of course the more you achieve your goal, the more you will want to add on to your current ideas so the cycle goes from beginner to more advanced ideas. The more you fill in the gaps, the more powerful ideas you will be able to develop and the quicker you will be able to write the songs that you’ve always wanted to write.

Learn From Other Song writers

I see it all the time. People want to learn from someone who is more advanced than them. They say to me “I want to learn from somebody else who is way better than me. I think I can learn so much from them.” That’s a great goal. I want to see more people achieve their dreams.

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I think it’s very important for you to remember that part of you will always be a beginner. You always want to get better. The only way to do that is to continue to learn from everybody. You will never be able to read a book on music theory or learn every chord reference there is to know. You don’t need to.

Learn From Multimedia

I see a lot of people making the same mistakes. They are not taking advantage of the fact that it’s a whole world that can never be fully understood. You can take music as a whole and absorb it into your world. Videos, movies, TV shows, websites and books are all different venues for music. Use them to the advantage of learning music.

Buy “The Art of Songwriting” by Seth Godin

Get other people’s opinions on it. Go to songwriting competitions and listen to other songwriters. Read about magazines and websites that give songwriting tips and advice.

Keep Learning

I never expected to become a top songwriter overnight. It takes a long time. But I am feeling more comfortable about my skill, confidence and passion. If you also had a secret dream of becoming a top songwriter, I would suggest you also find a good book.