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DJ Controllers and The Digital DJ – Is It Fair To Call Them MP3 Jockeys?

I walked into Guitar Center last week and noticed that the DJ section is 90% controllers. Within those controllers I noticed two used Technic 1200’s and a pair of Numark Vinyl turntables. I thought to myself, “Is this the future of DJ’ing?” and started thinking about ways on how to make my own custom music.

I have been DJ’ingnow for about five years, and have been very successful at doing so. Although I must admit to once being very bad with my decks (I tend to ‘accidently’ lose decks), and have learned from those mistakes. The main things that I have learned are the controller method, and how to mix with multiple decks simultaneously.

The controller method of DJ’ing is using lots of knobs and sliders on both the mixer and the decks to create effects and dynamics. These decks also have faders (play-backs) which allow you to mix and match your tracks, and even to change the speed of the tracks. The center-panned decks (speed) are useful for scratching, and scratching is one of the main techniques used in DJ’ing.

I have also learned that it is much easier to learn to DJ with 2 decks then with 3 decks, and I have learned that it is much easier to learn to mix with 2 decks then with 3 decks. I have used mostly 2-3-2 mixesMy sets always have scratches, but that isn’t really what I want. My goal is to mix, and to learn how to mix with 2 decks.

So then I went to another club my DJ, and I noticed that there was a lot more 3 and 4 decks than the 2 decks. I talked to the owner and he was interested in trying a pair of 3 decks, and he told me that he makes money offMixing.comwhich is an online mixing service. I told him I’d give it a try.

The next thing I knew, I had booked myself an entire night’s DJ gear, and was down the street at Piano Bar. I quickly rehearsed my 2 decks, and began the mixing process. I completed my set within about 30 minutes, and handed the keys over to the man that was next in line to be a part of DJ’ing. His name was Roger, and he went right into the crowd. Everyone was banging to his beats. Within 5 minutes of his set, people were singing along to “What a Night” by:Brojandro Roxx.

Within the crowded dance floor at Piano Bar, people were dancing shoulder to shoulder with one another. There seemed to be no age limit to the crowd. One of the young ladies pushed up next to me and asked me if I knew how to DJ. I said I didn’t but I thought I could start with her if she would follow my lead. She then pushed me and said she wanted to see “some DJ!” I had to explain that I wasn’t exactly a DJ and that I had never actually dabbled in scratching. She then pushed me and said she wanted to see scratching “real good” and started getting a vibe that she wanted to try DJ. We parted ways as I had no intention of pushing her to DJ, but yet, I also didn’t want to lose her that easily. I wanted to help her see that there could be a different approach to scratching and she seemed to get a hold of what I was talking about.

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Within a week of popping her up, she had booked herself a nights gig at a local bistros, and within a week, she told me that she wanted to keep DJing. We agreed to meet so I could either get a job at a Night club or at a Wedding receptions/confidence builder workshops (which I veganed in addition to DJing).

We met at a club that was a half- hour drive away, and I made her aware of the many benefits that she will be able to take onboard when she goes to DJ at these events whereas, if she were at a friend’s house, she would have to ask his brother to turn all the knobs herself and work out what was wrong with the equipment. Additionally, at a DJ club, she won’t have to worry about getting the spin-outs just because she will be mixing in front of a crowd.

At the wedding, they had a grand total of 50 people in attendance; a blown opportunity to impress a catering company.

A lot of DJ companies tend to view the event as one big party. You know, hundreds of people just hanging out for the right kind of fun. Unfortunately, they forget one very important thing; humans. You need to vary the type of people that you are trying to impress with your DJ skills.